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Just to have it here on our forum, and for any last suggestions / amendments before submitted for the Almanac...

Sons and Daughters of Sirac

Not all are actual children of Sirac, though many in the guild are. When Sirac was first created he was commanded to go forth and spread his parents magic far and wide. He took this instruction quite…literally. But the guild is open to all who feel friendship or a family bond to Sirac, all his apprentices, and all those who are willing to serve and protect the interests of both the ivory and gold dragons, and indeed protect magic across Primus.

The guild ethos is to protect and empower the gold and/or ivory dragon and spread their magic far and wide. To generally respect and not deliberately seek to harm any mana dragon. Mocking your opposite, and even fighting their followers with sufficient cause is fine, but deliberately seeking out and trying to harm any mana drake/dragon without very good cause can be grounds to be cast out.

Entry Requirements

Must be a gold and / or ivory mana user or creature to join, must be in the wizard bracket, but could be a gold drave brown wizard for example.

Just a *bump* to this, a themeday start up is now booked for April 17th, up for bookings. So the guild description for SADOS is above, fairly specific appeal, mainly people who want to give me a hard time by playing various weird and wonderful offspring of Sirac! But also open to all other gold and ivory wizard types.

Am aware so far of a couple of dark and evil offspring, an ogre and a troll, a halfling...and a fisher abomination that is probably well on the way to being more powerful than me already! tongue.gif

So if want to join in, all are welcome! smile.gif

Need a ref for the max 15k, although thresholds may alter slightly depending who books on so just go with whatever looks closest for now.

We have our own whatsapp group so pls drop me a line if want to join in. The plan is this is the start of a year long campaign master reffed by Richard Eden.

Cant wait to be back down a cave again soonish!!

Here we go again, joint guild special with the Brood booked for the 16th October. Up for booking now. Ethos for SADOS is above, and just message me if want an invite to the whatsapp group. There are some downright funny / weird offspring already planned, so come join the chaos! smile.gif

Planned to be the start of a year long campaign, master ref Richard Eden.


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