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Full Version: A warning
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I have received warning from a trusted friend that some not very pleasant people are calling moots and using the trust that we have tried to build among those within the North against us. To lie and manipulate to their own motivations.

It's no secret that following a lengthy battle against followers of the Storm Crows and servants of the first evil that we have made enemies.

Please use due diligence when asked to meet for a moot and approach such meetings with a healthy dose of suspicion. I'm not saying that everyone is out to get us but we've certainly learned that not everyone is our friend.

The names of myself, Gunndrik, Dipp, Jericho and others of our land may be used as a way of gaining your trust. But our names have made it in to many a story over the last few years, it wouldn't be surprising for others to have learned of them by now. Druids tales spread far and wide.

Please approach any moots with caution while we try to find out more. If anyone is able to scry, your talents wouldn't be wasted in assisting.

Thank you Nala and Trusted Friend

do you know what we have annoyed?
as in is it a certain group doing this or person or .... etc

or have we not got to that part of scrying, if not i can use my weak little goblin comms

Uriel, The Concerned Lucky Goblin
Dabbler of the Tribes
Apprentice of the Totems

(OOC who should i send comms too?)
Aye up... I've sent ye a private message Nala for when you get a moment...

I'm not in the mood for any shenanigans which may impact on upcoming church business...

Many thanks once again...

Dagda Earthsunder

I have heard stories from various sources, reciting an account from a Sonasello, saying that there is a force which seeks to destroy Primus, called the Destroyer.

From what I can decipher from these stories, there were disciples of this faith, by the names of Wretched Soul and Wretched War, who presented as demonic tribal champions.

I believe they were holding a moot in the North to plan an attack on Gothiel.

So it doesn't look like they were planning an attack on us, and it's unclear if they were trying to gain support from those of our land.

However, it doesn't sound particularly reassuring either way and it's dangerous for our people if our lands are being used to host and plan such attacks against the Empire. Guilty by association and all.....

By all accounts, the force has been stopped for now but it's not to say there are not more disciples left within the North who will try to gather support once more.


We cleanse the land of Certizel worshippers and are soon plagued by another evil.

I reiterate, please approach any moots with caution and please call on help if you think anything is not as it should be.

Safe travels,

Want me to start thinking about whats going on Nala?

I'll get to the bottom of this quick if you want, don't like my name being used against the North!

Speaker of the North

(OOC:- Who do i contact regarding this for comms? Andy, is it you?)
The Forces of The Destroyer have been a threat for as long as I have been a Mercenary.

Some of my earliest outings involved opposing them.

I seems that a resurgence of their forces were recently put into check by the actions of some very powerful Mercenaries.

Aye up !

Just to add that I adventured with Dipp and Grukk/Grull last Sunsday and they were stout fellows...

In fact they both definitely won the mission for us - we wouldn't have been successful if they hadn't joined our expedition.

Only thought I'd mentioned it to clarify the position... and to settle any confusion.

Bright blessings,

Thane Dagda Earthsunder
Spiritual Healer and Armoured Priest of the Soul Forger
Order of the Wolf

Aww thats nice of you to say Dagda!

Anything to help my fellow Northmen

Speaker of the North
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