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Full Version: My first outing!
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Warm greetings to you all!

Apologies if I've not spent any time with small talk since I got to Deci, the boss found me work and work is what I've been doing.

If you've noticed any of the finishes on your crafted armour or weapons being that little bit more perfect, that'll be me! The boss has me sharpening and shining up all the bits made in the forge.

If anyone remembers that bloke who came and got two axes the other week, he said he was going on some mission and needed someone to keep his axes sharp - turns out that was my one day off that month, so I've agreed to go along for some spare cash!

On to my point - does anyone have any aforementioned cash I could borrow? Or any spiritual scrolls of anything useful (I can read 'em all!) - I still have a few healing scrolls from those paladins who wanted their plate extra shiny...

Anything you could spare would be great, and I'll of course pay off any debt.

Also does anyone have any little jobs that need working on that I can help with?

Professional Polisher

((Starting my forge wayfinder on my brothers planned birthday dungeon in October, thought I'd ask ahead if anyone has any grulls or scrolls I can borrow to get me started, also do we have any CCs I can help work towards, if not anyone mind me submitting a few to work on?))

If you can catch me I'm sure I've got a few grulls lying around that will be of use. Maybe some scrolls to.

Not sure when I'll be back Deci way though The Second Mine is keeping me busy.

William The Smith
Disciple of the Forge

OOC: No idea when I'll be able to get back down the pit but if I'm down before then I'll try and leave some stuff for you
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