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Full Version: Ruin Themeday - 9th of November
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Hey all,

This November I am masterminding a themeday that is focused on combating the forces of Ruin (Quel Sathar Z'Noth to those who dare speak it's name).

The plot has been running for a couple of years now, and actually elements of this themeday stretch back even further.

I want to get more plot going out there, so if anyone is running anything in the coming months (or even for extended lengths) and want some encounters/side plots to inspire their writing, get in touch!

Also I would like some refs and crew for the themeday itself. I'm told they help smile.gif

If we can get a volunteer no max ref I am happy to open up a no max section.

Whoever ends up reffing YPs that day I'd be keen to involve them too.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Just for reference, we've ditched the 1k section and added a no max 😉
So all looking much healthier on the crew front. But I would still really appreciate a max 7.5k ref, otherwise I'll be reffing it which is less than ideal! 🙂
Good evening 3k Section,

I will be at the pit on Saturday from 9am and eating breakfast with the crew, please can you bring a copy of your battle board for me and show me any non-standards you will be using. Could you also bring all item cards, potions and armour cards etc too.

C U all Saturday,

Hi Andy,

I have to work late on Friday and have to get public transport to the venue, so I'm unlikely to be at the venue that early. Would sending you my stuff by email be more helpful?


Ditto - bit of a drive so cant guarantee time but can happily email details over.
I was monstering the 7.5K but I have a terrible cold, and seeing as there are loads of crew I am booking off - but the system will not let me
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