Some bits:

This is a three part mini campaign running on the last Saturday of the month through January to March brought to you by myself and Claudia.

Designed at an entry level for new players and characters a like, while we would love people to play all parts and it would be ideal it isn’t required and people can play one, two or all three parts of the campaign. Perhaps something to tempt the Tuesday club characters into the world of double lengths…

Level wise they will start at 500 and scale to 750 and finish at 1k, this is so people aren’t locked out of playing in between if they choose but the intention is to write to the party so you shouldn’t feel that 1k is a barrier to playing if you were only 250 points by the last event.

We aim to deliver well written and run events providing interesting plot with suitable depth, spiced with suitable danger levels and results that lead to game impact and rewards to those involved.

Dungeon dates are as follow and these are up on the event diary ready to book onto.

Part 1: Sat 28th Jan Max 500
Part 2: Sat 25th Feb Max 750
Part 2: Sat 25th Mar Max 1000

Likewise if anyone out there would like to commit to crew any or all of it this would be awesome, we promise to have each event ready in advance for you and will be aiming to be all written a week ahead of each event.

As Mr Dale is often seen to be doing platers playing all three are welcome to do investigation, diplomacy and theory crafting between events as long as you can think of a justification or a cool way of doing it.

If you are intending to play the sooner I know what and who and what you are playing the more I can tailor things to suit and interest you and be relevant to the party’s capabilities.

Feel free to ask any campaign related questions here or privately.

The brief will be published shortly now the Final Dawn event is complete.