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Full Version: Sewing Machine
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The wife is after a sewing machine does anyone have one that they want to sell or know of any good offers.

The cheaper the better for the moment just to see how much she uses it.
I use a Janome (J3-24) which was fairly cheap while still doing the job. Like any tool, the most expensive is not always the best and I've heard good things about the Janome brand. If you're after a second-hand one, have you tried checking Ebay and then googling product reviews for the ones in your price range?

Just one thing; don't buy a Tesco Value sewing machine just because it's cheap. Would you use a £10 drill from ASDA to do DIY?
I use a Janome and have for years. Buy a good mid-range one.

Generally you get what you pay for.

QUOTE(TimTreadwell @ Sep 27 2015, 12:32 AM) *
Generally you get what you pay for.


And apparently the porn spam bots agree Tim!!!
Well I’ve ‘researched’ all these links and I seem to have missed the sewing machine parts...
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