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Down four or five creaking wooden steps is a moderately sized side room, reserved for those with either the coin or the need for such a room. Thought not a particularly wealthy priest, Charlie had rented it out with the intention of garnering some privacy in the somewhat noisy and public tavern. The table is set with the usual refreshments; small nibbles, a block of cheese, a couple of jugs of popular drinks.

Sat at the table, flicking through her prayer book and resisting the urge to eat all the cheese, is Charlie. Glancing up for a moment, at the stout dwarf, a man known as Gorim, she pauses for a moment, taking a calming breath before asking,

"So Mister Gorim, considering you're the leader, do we have a plan?"
Gorim is leaning against the wall puffing on his pipe, his half-empty tankard sits on the table forgotten.

"Feels like I'm flying blind on this one. Haven't heard of any sightings recently. Guess I need to wait for Manson and his gods. Unless you fancy talking to yours?....... I'm still not happy about all this barony business either. Well knowledge is power so we better hope that Blunt and the Inquisition can lend a hand somehow.. "

" A drink me thinks"
Mason overhears the conversation and replies "Last time I checked he was on his way to Ickybiggle, but I will be asking again for a fresher update.

I will also ask who has the best chance of curing the noble and everything that is needed to make these potions", then sits down and nibbles at some cheese.
A comely bar wench comes into the room and smiles at Gorim, curtseys and pulls a letter from her..... Well wherever it was made mason blush.

"This just came for you sire. I hope its good news!"

Taking it he secretly places a coin in her hand. On inspection she gasps.. Hugs him then runs upstairs.....

"Don't know what got into her?" Opening the letter he scans it before reading aloud.

"Dear Gorim,
My name is Argoniculous De Fontaine - you may have heard of me, you may not have done.
I'm informing you that your help involving the potion problem is being greatly appreciated by the covenant and her Empress and the Throne.
In order to over see such actions, I will be attending your next mercenary outing on the 5th. I look forward to being there.

In light of this, it would be quite nice to know my mission objective - and maybe I could find out some information using the Imperial Seers.

Many thanks,
Argoniculous De Fontaine,
Noble and Northern representative
Guardian of Dragons,
Journeyman Magistrate
Knight of Battle. "

Gorim sniffs. " pretty name! Hope he can help..... Mason what you know of seers.... Don't know none me self. You imperials have all the gear!"

Gorim looks at the cheese...... Feels eyes on him..... Smiles and takes a mutton sandwich.....
Watching Gorim's escapades with the bar wench Charlie let's out an uncharacteristically ratty titter, which she then promptly tries to disguise as a cough. Blushing a little too hard at the looks she's drawing she takes a long sip of her pint of milk and wipes her mouth on a napkin before attempting to speak up.

"This Argoniculous sounds like an impressive individual, just look at all the titles written at the bottom! He must be incredible! I wonder if perhaps I can just call him Mr Fontaine though, I don't know how many times I can say Argoniculous before I wind up getting all tongue-tied." She says, with a cheeky grin.

Delicately choosing a couple of slices of cheese, Charlie places one slice on her plate and picks the other up to hold it under her nose, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply.

"Divine..." She whispers softly, before taking a small and careful mouthful, savouring the taste as she devours it.

After doing the same with the second slice, she glances around the room, slowly taking in the conversation evolving around her.

*Taking a sip from his drink* Mason announces "I have finished my latest investigation into this matter, the noble is currently residing in a cabin in the Dark Forest, the Reverend is currently in Scarlene and likely to interfere in the recapture of the noble. So we will be probably need to be prepared for that."

"I will also contact Lord Winterhaven and ask him for his letter to give to G'Nell"

"I also asked who has the best chance of curing G'Nell and the answer was Gregory. As far as I know Gregory is currently safe but I was not able to confirm that."

"One of the ingredients of the Frenzy Potion is Worm Vestige, but no-one with a spirit knows the rest of the ingredients. I also speculate that these potions may have a magical component as well, or that people who know the ingredients are shielded"
Good work Mason. Lord blunt has offered his assistance in scrying. Maybe contact him with what you still need to check and see if he can help. We now carry the authority of his office.
A single word snaps Charlie from her dairy-induced haze. Ears twitching and whiskers quivering, she looks up to the others with wide, worried eyes.

"Scarlene? That monster is hiding in Scarlene?" She asks, glancing to Mason and then to Gorim.

"B-But... Scarlene is my home! What if he does something? What if he poisons the potions? Or... Or something worse! We have to go help them! We need to warn Tirama! Or Reason! Or anyone!" She protests, her normally calm voice slipping into a panicked squeak.

Standing up suddenly and slamming both paws down on the table, she gazes imploringly to everyone in the room.

"Please, I beseech you! All of you! My brother Finny, my entire family is in danger. I know it's not right to be selfish, I know that I should be worried about everyone in the city but I can't help it. I just couldn't bear it if something happened to any of them! We have to stop him, we need to think up a plan and move out as quickly as possible. I'll write to Finny tonight, but to fix this I need your help."

"So what do you say? Will you help me?"

Gorim turns to Charlie. "Slow down there.! The rev. wants to keep the winterhaven noble causing havoc. By going after him, sounds like we can draw the reverend back towards us."

Gorim muses 'I think we're going to need all the healing we can get our hands on. '

'Battle has seen our numbers dwindle and I stand here the last of the original crew. I have a bad feeling about this OP. '
Yep, the dojjy reverend bloke will probably just be stirring up trubble in Scarlene. The winterhaven nob seems to be the ace in his sleev, so hes got him hidden away. Silly to keep all yore importunt things in the same place.

the dark forest can be well dangerrus so yore need to be careful - can try to gide as much as possible but nun of yoo iz hollow so...

I'm pritty good wiv herbs and plants so i can try to identify the Worm Vestige and if we can get any of the poshun mite be able to work owt what else is in it - but need to see. Little lizzard can help me find magik too if that helps.



Also the dojjy reverend bloke did anywun try to stab him up? if so did yoo hurt him/how did yoo hurt him? Just in case he pokes iz noze in.

As I remember it Doric gave it a go and we had to return him from eternal rest. I did see him move so fast he blurred. That's a fancy trick. He was gone before we could get after him.
"Stirring up trouble? What do you mean by that?! What do you think he's going to do!?" Charlie snaps, before slumping down in her seat and putting her head in her paws.

"I can't stand just sitting here but we need to think of more ideas..." She mumbles, pulling out a sheet of parchment and a quill before making a rough note. Taking a swig of milk she sighs deeply and glances longingly at Gorim's tankard, a look of understanding crossing her troubled face. "I think I know what to do; I'm going to write to Finny, then I'm going to write to Tirama. At the very least I should warn them of the potential threat, especially Finny, I know he relies quite heavily on the imperial supply." She mutters, more to herself than anyone else.

As the conversation turns towards The Reverend's assault of Doric, she looks up again.

"I remember that. I'd only just joined you and that man, he swept through the room and left Brother Doric pretty badly injured. It was only though Shaehan's mercy and kindness that I was able to rouse him. My poor brother, he'd been having a pretty hard time that day. Maybe that was why Shaehan sent me? Regardless, I don't know if he managed to hurt that Reverend man or not, I'd have to ask him." She adds, looking a little less despondent than before.
I dont no hes got a plan aint he. We sore from that place we went to befor what happened to that villidge when iz plan was left to run on, withowt nowun doing nuffink. I dont think he wood try that in a big sity like Scarleen - too many eyes wotchin, but hes prolly there for a reeson. Peeple like him dont **** abowt.

First thing is to try to get the Winterhaven nob and sea wot we can lern from the herbs and poshuns (if we find any). Alsow get him away from peeple he can infect wiv the lurgy.

Just be good to have a plan (apart from let him walk rite thru us and kill peeple) if this Rev fella turns up. Eeven if we dont or cant kill him if we now how too at leest hurt him then we mite be able to scare him enuff to think twise abowt going for us.


Abowt the Rev bloke.

So I've bin chattin to Dalton (oo is buzy preechin' or summat the next time we is meetin to go to the dark forest). Wen we larst travelled and met im (Rev bloke). Dalton arsked him if he'd bin messin wiv the poshuns, the rev sed no. Dalton's spirits sed he way lying, when Dalton sed so, the rev disapeared, apeared behind Dalton then stabbed him rite up with a blow that put im over. mite be all made of spirit and no metal as dalton sed his armur woz not broke, dented or marked.

if peeple is trying to skry abowt him and not having much luck he might be able to tell porkies unless yoo can see im. Dunno tho just gessin.

If yoo lot make it owt of the dark forest ok (you iz not ollow rememba) Dalton is well keen on travlin sum more and sortin the rev bloke owt, so i sed i wood let him know planz

Gorim enters after being gone some time.

"I'm waiting to hear from Lord Blunt on some matter of our quest. The information he gives me will determine our course of action once at the forest."
Flint sneers "Bluntie your Guv now is he? No disrespect but never seen a dwarf puppet before"
Take help when its offered.... And its only temporary
Charlie's ears twitch as Flint speaks up, she'd hardly noticed the other ratfolk, till now. Making a visible effort to disregard his potentially disrespectful comment she offers her biggest, warmest smile.

"Hello there, I don't believe we've met. My name's Charlie. Charlie of The Church of Shaehan, Prior of Halgar." She offers, adding the last part somewhat proudly before extending a paw.
The ratfolk nose twitches, shrugs and there is audible clunk as the daggers slide back into their sheaves. He moves towards the light, his scared snout sniffing the air.
"That was close. Well that's beautiful, you even smells humie, best disguise I've seen"
"Nice to meet you girl" A furry paw with yellowing claws extends out from his tatty cloak

Charlie takes the clawed paw and gives it a hearty shake.

"I'm very pleased to meet you too. Although I'm not sure what you mean by disguise. I'm not wearing one, nor was it my intention to deceive anyone, Lady Shaehan wouldn't really approve of such things. As for the perfume, it's actually a rose and jasmine bath oil, I'm rather fond of it, I could get you a bottle if you like?" She offers, taking back her paw and using it to straighten her tunic a little.

"you're more sick and twisted than I am." Flint twitches his nose.
"I need to pop to the local washer woman, you've given me an idea"
A frown crosses Charlie's face as she glances to Flint, "I'm sorry you feel that way, I'm not trying to be twisted." She replies, somewhat disheartened.

After a moment's contemplation, as if mulling something over, she smiles again.

"But you know, I bet I can change your mind! I'll make it my utmost priority to show you that you've got the wrong idea." She finishes, putting a friendly paw on Flint's shoulder.

Flint winks, "Keep it up Charlie, you'll fool em all and trick your way into haven."
So i met up wiv Doric. ee gave me too skrulls wiv stick writin that makes yoo all better (well if yoo are not ollow), and a small bottle ov poshuns.

Ill bring them on Sunsday to share or giv owt.

Also abowt the trip - little braing tung wart has told me that we need to be well careful of werewolves, poizon from big spiderz and sum other stuff I dont reely get. Rushin too much will be dangerus, so gently gently little ollow!

Oh also at leest wun person shud bring munny and yore best fancy clothes so yoo look posh.

Good plans, howevers I will be dress all in white I thinks
Most holy and respectful. I found religion thanks to Charlie.

"Grulls for the grateful poor"
I hav a plan for yoo and Charlie - its well good and involves the Winterhaven nob.

Tell yoo later.

"Flint, that's not really how religion works. We're supposed to give money, not beg for it. Shaehan is our Lady of Charity, remember? Let me try and help you understand. I personally believe that no matter how hard we have it, somebody out there always has it worse. Look around you Flint, we're sat in a warm, dry tavern. Food and drink is plentiful, in that sense we are incredibly blessed. I know for a fact that there are vagrants in Deci, Halgar, even Scarlene who are having a much tougher time, they probably don't have any food or drink, or-" She pauses, picking up a bit of cheese as if to emphasise her point, "Fine cheese. This is why we must be generous, why our Lady asks us to be charitable. Neither of us really need Grulls, what we get paid as mercenaries is far beyond sufficient to cover our basic needs, but there are those who would benefit so much more from just a note or two. Your attitude suggests that you jest, but if you were serious about finding religion, this would be the kind of thing expected of you. As Shaehan watches over us, we must watch over those less fortunate. Do you understand?”

“As for wearing all white, it's a personal choice. I know Tirama favours his white silk, but I believe as long as I carry out Shaehan's good work, it doesn't matter too much what I wear... Plus this tunic brings out the colour in my fur, don't you think?” She adds with a rather cheeky grin.
"I have several bottles of anti-venom I picked up awhile ago" says Mason
QUOTE(FlorenceWarren @ Jul 1 2015, 01:56 PM) *
"Flint, ...."

Flints eyes narrow.
"I gets yah. You know, you can get into the role of your disguise too much right, remembers whos you are. Yous are rats, dont let anyones tell you otherwise."
He gets up from the table and makes his way out the door. "Im offskis, needs to get readys, speak to Flitvig find out what he wants. Need some Hypericum, sure the meadows got some. Sure the Barons gardener wont mind. Especially if I goes at night"
As Flint turns and walks out, Charlie lets out an exasperated sigh. "But I keep telling you... I'm not wearing a disguise." She mutters quietly, glancing to those who remain in the room. Taking a bite out of a piece of cheese she takes a moment to enjoy it, before turning to Mason.

"Anti-Venom could come in handy, through quiet study and with a little help from my new colleagues in Halgar, I've learned how to remove such toxins from the blood. I'm hoping I won't need to, but should it come up, Shaehan will aid me in such endeavours."
++++ A grubby piece of paper floats into the room, with the following writing on it. The writing is very untidy and looks as if an epileptic spider exposed to a flashing light has written it - possibly in poo, or some kind of gunky substance++++

rite, so me and Argonikkk hav this lurgy nob bloke ina sac. So 'e don't make nowun else mental I am stayin owt the way of peepul. I am alsow breethin in spideerpoo to help. Im tryin to mak the little plants grow and tring to mak mor spiderz poo just in case skweezing them gentlie.

I have got the sleepin nob sittin on the spida eg so hop hee hatchis (the spida not the nob).

I'm not far away but is dangrus to com tooo clos.

Wot ar we doin wiv im, and these plants.

if yoo rite a messig kwik and giv it too this unseen servant he will get it too me kwik before the magik fades.

chop chop.

Mason writes on the other side of the paper "I have been in contact with the Earl Kenobi Winterhaven, and he has set a secluded place on his estates for G'Nell, to which we need to take him. He is currently sleeping under a Voice of Power miracle so shouldn't give you any trouble.

I have the destination on the paperwork somewhere."
Rite - great...will sort it owt.

Mason go too the Winterhaven estates as wil kneed yoo to dispel the sprit thing.



(OOC - See PM's)

QUOTE(Cildan @ Jul 10 2015, 05:25 PM) *
Mason writes on the other side of the paper "I have been in contact with the Earl Kenobi Winterhaven, and he has set a secluded place on his estates for G'Nell, to which we need to take him. He is currently sleeping under a Voice of Power miracle so shouldn't give you any trouble.

I have the destination on the paperwork somewhere."

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