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Full Version: 14th March pre 8th adventure
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(A scroll is pinned to notice boards around the Empire.)

People of the empire, your aid is sort.

I Gorim Lothorsson, have been requested by a group of Alchemists called the Council of Mixers to assist in an investigation into recent occurrences of sudden blood thirsty madness seemingly brought on by the drinking of healing drafts. We will head to Sellaville for the 14th of Martius and will meet at the shop, the Smoking Pestle.

Service, along with standard imperial pay, comes with the supply of potions in the similar manner in which the imperial supply would normally give, but assurances have been given that they are not infected. (I would suggest that you acquire extra though). Myself, a forest guardian and a pyro mage make our way there now. I ask that you let me know if I can count on your support in this endeavour.

please leave your communiqu├ęs below so that I can communicate with our employer..


Gorim Lothorsson
Novice of Moradin.
(A note is appended to the bottom of the scroll)

I'm the forest guardian mentioned - I look forward to getting this foul situation sorted before these potions spread further. I can't highlight enough the importance of stopping this! Hopefully we can stop these evil things infecting more of Sellaville.

I will see if I can make some curatives available from my own stocks and will pay 5000 grulls for a written report for the Inquisition.

Hi my name is Mason, I will be travelling with you on the 14th. I am a priest of Force and I have a few skills that will stop rages in their tracks in case the worse happens.
QUOTE(ChrisAndrews @ Mar 12 2015, 04:01 PM) *
I will see if I can make some curatives available from my own stocks and will pay 5000 grulls for a written report for the Inquisition.


A report will be placed in your reach shortly after the hire date.
(A dog-eared bit of paper covered in untidy scrawl is stuck just below Alessa's note)

I'm the pyro-mage, though I prefer pyromancer or at the very least, wizard.

From what I've seen on my previous travels, this situation is pretty urgent and certainly not to be underestimated.
Bring what provisions you can, things will be dangerous, I cannot stress that enough.

I look forward to meeting or perhaps, meeting again, those of you who venture out with us.

Molly Broaden.
*Loric reads the notice whilst a group of travellers, driven by cart, stops by a roadside tavern.*


The folk that I am currently travelling with are heading in your direction, it seems by the fates that we should meet, as I have had to deal with a similar problem in the city of Keys. These potions, are not only a problem for our community, but for the people of our lands as a whole.

I have conferred with my superiors amongst the Order of Stars, and my Church. I shall meet you in Sellaville at said tavern.

With honour,

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