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Full Version: Guild updates
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Updates to guild benefits will appear in here in between Almanacs.

So I appear to have made an error on Primal Darkness (thanks Tony).

Intermediate tier should be:

Gains a Second Feed on Darkness Innate
Call on Primal Darkness 1/day with 30 seconds prep allows the user to turn a miracle from base list mantic (black mana), but be cast without power not items or scrolls.
Gains a second At one with the darkness.

And a third tier for the Soul Forger:
• The Masters Forge two of the objects gained are now journeyman status objects as intermediate tier, alternatively can take a single object from the list as Master status.
• If using Blessing of the forge on a suit of armour it also grants that armour immunity to accuracy.
• The passive heal from forges light can now be set to only trigger when a Crit or TBLP reaches 0. This is chosen when cast.

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