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Full Version: Senatorial Reeve for Mercenary Affairs
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Nobility, Mercenaries and Citizens,

With the promotion of my previous Reeve, Marcus Blunt, to a new Senatorial position, I have accepted his resignation from the post of Senatorial Reeve for Mercenary Affairs.

As such, I am looking for his replacement. I am looking for someone active in the Mercenary Community, who is respectable and can provide references if needed.
Ideally, the candidate should be willing to commit to some political time (OOC: Heroes turns) but is not necessary.

The Department of Mercenary Affairs is undergoing some expansion. With the building of the Grand Volksraad in Halgar, Mercenary Affairs tower in Halgar and the opening of a new Hamlet in Oaksbridge, there is much work to be done. Bringing Mercenary and political life together, and increasing the flow of information and resources. There are also great opportunities here for the right candidate. As seen with Marcus Blunt, this is a foot in the door to possibly greater positions to be had within the Imperial Bureaucracy

Please contact me directly if you are interested

Senator Willock
Department of Mercenary Affairs
Master of the Order of Glass
Knight of the Empire

(OOC: Senatorial Reeve wanted. Apply to me however you like. If you can spare heroes time then great, I have loads of plans to make Heroes interact with LRP better, some of which I have started in the OOC Heroes thread. All that will be required is that you can get dungeons booked and plot run really as that's what this is all about. Good prospects, the right candidate could do anything. Look at Martin Jenkins! And he's well dodgy...)

Nobility, Mercenaries and Citizens,

I would like to welcome Baron Wither, Mojo-Rein Majius, as my New Reeve.

He will be assisting with some of the day to day running of the department, organising the hiring of mercenaries and the development of Oaksbridge, an area gifted to the Department directly from The Empress.

I hope people will give him the assistance he needs, and that he can fill the shoes left by Senator Marcus Blunt.

Senator Willock
Department of Mercenary Affairs
Congratulations on your appointment Mojo - I'll raise a glass to you this evening in the Club.

Do let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future.

Senator Marcus Blunt
Baron of Pine Lake
Master of Glass
The Blunt Club - By Imperial Appointment
Well done Mojo, I'll offer a toast in the Monkey tonight.
Much Love
Thank you all for your kind words.

Well gosh, this is an honour.

Reeving I shall go then!

Baron Wither
Senatorial Reeve for Mercenary Affairs... apparently
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