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Final Dawn and the impact on magic.

As many people are aware the final dawn had a number of impacts on magic. These changes are detailed below, and are effective immediatly...


The Black Mana dragon has been weakened, such that it is now a Drake. Effectively it now counts as a ‘new colour’. This has a number of implications:-

It is no longer possible to use black specialist glyphs – unless a character has a specific ability to learn new colour glyphs as specialists or similar - for example, ‘over the rainbow’ would allow a single specialist of basic black to be learnt. ‘Elementalist’ no longer allows the casting of an advanced black glyph, the black slot effectively being currently wasted. Black mana scrolls now work exactly as per new colour scrolls (e.g. are only castable by wizards who hold black as a colour...)

Dark Elves are now Dark Draves, their innates change as follows:

Dark Draves
2nd Body of Darkness 1 / 2 Levels (4 @ 8th)
3rd May cast Darkness (Self) 1 / 2 Levels ~ Note that Dark Elves do not innately have the power to see through magical darkness
6th Shadowshift 1 / 4 Levels: As per a Shade’s Shadowshift but max range is 20’. No verbal is required


The Silver Dragon is now a Drake (again). Silver expertise is changed so it may only be used once in a 15 minute period, and the reduction provided by such is now to a minimum of 1 mana.

Silver Elves are now again Silver Draves, their innates are as follows:

Silver Draves
2nd Tell Wounds Spell at will with full verbals only, max usable 1 per 5 mins
3rd Tell Strength 1 / Level
6th Inquiry 1 / 2 Levels

Jade and Onyx

It is now possible to start wizards that are Jade and Onyx in colour. These act as a normal wizards using the spells set out elsewhere. At present it is not possible to second colour to these colours.

Wizards may acquire Jade and Onyx spells as specialists, but they must be the appropriate alignment and they can only be obtained via teaching scrolls.

It is clear that the Jade and Onyx Dragons are still settling as they adjust to their new power – and it is likely that as the year progresses advanced glyphs of these colours may become available.

Currently there are no Jade or Onyx elves.

General Note:-
Specialist glyphs that are no longer castable for a givnen character are not lost - rather the weakened Drake is no longer able to fuel the spell unless the caster is actulally of their colour... should that circumstance change, then any affected specialist glyphs owned may become castable again... As such, there will not be respends/wholesale destruction of teaching scrolls for these changes.

If there are any character specific or general questions due to these changes people should, as ever, feel free to email me or catch me at the caves,


As many have worked out with the Black Drake being the Black Dragon again the effects above have ended.

I take it Silver is still a drake ?

Where can I find more about Onyx and Jade?
I've been looking through the forums but not found anything yet...
Or are they in one of the newer publications somewhere?
Might be wrong but I think you can find info in the Almanacs,
have a look in the download section
Almanac 6 & 7 have Jade and Onyx I believe
QUOTE(Leo @ Jan 16 2015, 05:27 PM) *

Perfect; cheers folks
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