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Labyrinthe Forum _ The Northern Province _ Poison Delight

Posted by: Will Jul 13 2023, 11:40 AM

Beggars were guarding Hightown whilst the rich folk left Zardos to fix the Horned Serpent cathedral.

Once everyone had been given the 'all clear', Lord and Lady Cavendish returned back to their beautiful manor only to find a tribe of orcs squatting inside. The place was filled with Nightshade. They clearly had become accustomed to the high life

The Cathedral curator placed the retrieved artefacts back in their alcoves. However, the power in one clearly belonged to someone else now.

The servants weren't as happy to be back home and back to work. Whilst cleaning up the mess the mercenaries had made, they found a couple of funny pieces of parchment with weird squiggles on them. As they turned them over, they started to cough, and ichor began to drop on their heads.

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