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> Festivals of the Faithful, An exposition of the festivals of the one true faith
post May 2 2021, 06:37 PM
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The Holy Days

The Festival of Hope - the week before and the week after 1 Maii

A week of prayers to, followed by a week of celebration of, the founding of our church by the revered seven.

The Day of Awakening (Renewal) - 1 Januar

A celebration of the new year.

The Day of Gifts (Subtlety) - 21 Juon

From 22 Maii the faithful place tokens with their names in a giant urn in their local church; on 13 Juon those who have placed a token in the urn draw a token out and then on the Day of Gifts they leave, anonymously, a gift for those whose name has been chosen.

The Day of Purity (Justice) - the longest day of the year (20, 21 or 22 Juon) in 1021 it will be 20 Juon

On this day the Paladins of Talthar renew their vows and, traditionally, new devotees are inducted to the church and priests ordained.

Aranal's Day (Diplomacy) - 10 Octuar

Aranal of Razcar is a legend of the early church. He was of noble stock and after being captured in battle refused to be ransomed but remained with his captors spreading the word of Talthar. This day marks the anniversary of his death. The day is marked by prayers to his memory.

Festival of Flowering (Adversity) - the 7 days beginning with the first flower blooming at the cathedral (usually 25 Martius)

This festival marks the return of green shoots having survived the adversity of the winter months. The festival arose before Harpell led the the aspect of Adversity in its present martial direction but its popularity attests to the fact that the martial elements of the faith remain a minority. It is a week of rejoicing and feasting.

Day of Searching (Serenity) - the last Sunsday of Navaus

On the day itself the faithful will seek out those that they have wronged in the year and seek forgiveness whilst the faithful will dispense forgiveness to those who seek it. Traditionally the week prior to the day itself is spent fasting and in prayer to assist in recollecting those whose forgiveness is required.

Coming Together (Unity) - the first weekend after 24 Juon (this year 26 and 27 Juon)

Over this weekend the faithful will seek to spend time together and share tales of their lives over the last year; it is traditional to travel to the largest church one can for this festival so many local chapels are left empty and deserted at this time. Weddings and proposals on this weekend are considered to be propitious.

The Shadow Days

Winter's Fall (Renewal) - the 7 days after the first snow has fallen at the Cathedral in Deeber (usually the second week of Deeber)

The week starts with prayers for those who have fallen during the year before moving to thanks for their renewal in their next lives. Much of the week is an allegory for the ending of the year and the beginning of the new one. Should snow not fall in Alguz in Deeber then there is no Winter's Fall - this is considered a very ill omen.

Day of Lies (Subtlety) - the 7th Moonsday of the year

On this day all dishonesty, lies and subterfuge must be confessed and penance undertaken. Traditionally the penance is aimed to benefit a stranger who should be unaware of the source of their good fortune.

Day of the Fall (Justice) - 29 Septus

Glaval was a priest of the faith in the early days but was captured by the followers of the Dark Lady of Despair. Unlike Aranal however he succumbed to the honeyed whispers of the Dark Lady and strayed from the path of righteousness and began to worship her. He was cast from her embrace and left to wander for the rest of his life a man broken by the oaths to our Lord, his brothers and sisters and himself he had cast aside.

Isanil's Tears (Diplomacy) - 17 Octuar

On this day in the far past the steps of the original Cathedral in Razcar ran red with the blood of the faithful as they fell in its successful defence. Traditionally it is marked by prayers for those who have fallen to violence and expressions of hope that war may in the future be averted. In recent years Harpell has, perhaps diplomatically, been away from the Cathedral on this day.

Day of the Fallen Hero (Adversity) - 17 Aiprus

On this day every candle in our places of worship are extinguished bar one on the altar that will burn throughout the day. This sole candle marks Francis the Fallen Hero who despite being a simple man of the faith took the word of Talthar to a land ravaged by Despair. On this day he entered a church dedicated to Despair and was slain on the steps of the altar.

The Day of Madness (Serenity) - 4 Februar

On this day priests of the faith seeking to meditate will be troubled by visions of bloodshed (those devoted to the Aspect of Serenity are particularly affected). It is said that on this day in the time of myths a high priest of the faith was struck insane with the delusion that he was Talthar incarnate and that any who disputed this should be put to the sword.

The Day of Fracturing (Unity) - 26 Martius

This day marks a schism of the faithful (over whether suicide is intrinsically sinful or may, in certain circumstances, be acceptable). Despite the events being more recent than most the precise details are not spoken of but it is known that at least one priest left the faith. On this day the faithful recall the schism and commit themselves to the principle that an argument may lead to tension but should never break a friendship or a faith.

Grisgriel, Standard Bearer of the Saintly Martial Order of Talthar

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