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> Keiyaku, Position Filled
post Nov 30 2022, 09:09 PM
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Let it be known that Maho No Fukuro, has been returned to us.

Reports of his honour and behaviour whilst defending a cottage in the summer have been recorded in many places.

Having spent time within the palace with him, and a spot of summer mercenary excursions I found him to be of sound mind and body. In short, he is a Samurai of utmost integrity.

To that end he is elevated to the position of Keiyaku within the Kotei Guwen.

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post Nov 30 2022, 09:11 PM
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Congratulations Maho sama

Word of your actions has spread far and wide

Daimyo of the Phoenix
Kami of War
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post Nov 30 2022, 09:13 PM
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Congratulations Lord Maho


The game is not always about balance

Apply rule 7 and don't overthink it.
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post Nov 30 2022, 09:26 PM
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Congratulations Lord Maho, I hope to meet with you soon.

Lord Azriel Panama

Will Power - will@labyrinthe.co.uk
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post Nov 30 2022, 09:32 PM
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Congratulations Lord Maho.
I hope to fight alongside you soon and learn from you.
With respect,
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post Nov 30 2022, 10:45 PM
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Congratulations Maho. It is good to see you in a position of such a high degree. May you have good fortune in the times to pass.

Sosen Gidà
Guardian of Aurora.

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post Nov 30 2022, 11:40 PM
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Congratulations Maho-sama

Peace and Tranquility

Grey's Law: Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice...

PS, Yes, I know my PM Box is full. Email me instead... (Which you can do through the forums email)
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post Dec 1 2022, 09:07 AM
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Well done Maho,

It was a pleasure travelling with you in the service of Sakura. I look forward to seeing you again when the clans meet in a week or so.
May the wind carry you forward and the mountain steady your path

Snake Clan
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post Dec 1 2022, 02:59 PM
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Congratulations Lord Maho

Ningyou Dansu
Daimyo of the Crane clan


Known to occasionally play;

Xue Yanshi- crazy fairy Kensai with death wish
Ningyou Dansu - Crane Daimyo- Honoured One, Celestial Mind (Mystic plus)
Supai- Awakener
Serenity - Tainted Ramillion shard, Absent Blade (budoka/ warrior priest)
Esmerelda Dawbringer - Human Noble, Pure Priest
Lilith Darkthorn - Blauz, Assassin/Wizard
Bayushi Nanori - Amles Human, Warrior
Devana - Nightsoil, Silver Wizard
Opal - Dwarf, 'stone' Guardian (forest guardian)
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post Dec 1 2022, 03:27 PM
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I am honoured to echo my Daimyo's congratulations to Maho No Futuro on his elevation to the Kotei Guwen.

May your rulings be honour bound and ever just.

You are ever welcome at Hai-Ren to meditate with me once more on the harmony between the soul and the blade.

Isamaru Kazan
Crane Clan

Gordon Court
Port Miere business: portmierecitycouncil@gmail.com
Known to play: Amorphus, Radiant & Zaton
Cast of 2009: Amorphus, Ash, Cyric, Godstone, Kessel, Prowl, Mithaniel, Radiant, Raven, Strale, Void & Vorell
Cast of 2010: Amorphus, Aqueous, Blaen, Godstone, Hex, Kessel, Mithaniel, Prowl, Radiant, Shadowmoss, Vanderlaine & Void
Cast of 2011: Cyric, Hex & Prowl
Cast of 2012: Kessel
Cast of 2013: Amorphus, Golgari, Kessel, Marimar, Radiant, Strale & "Terry"
Cast of 2014: Amorphus, Hex, Godstone, Golgari, Ink-Eyes, Radiant & Strale
Cast of 2015: Amorphus, Karador, Radiant, Strale & Zaton
Cast of 2016: Zaton
Cast of 2017: Amorphus, Equinox, Godstone, Golgari, Hex, Karador, Prowl, Radiant, Variel & Zaton
Cast of 2018: Amorphus, Despair, Equinox, Golgari, Karador, Lannary, Prowl, Templeton, Vanderlaine, Void & Zaton
Cast of 2019: Amorphus, Despair, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Prowl, Radiant & Zaton
Cast of 2020: Amorphus, Isamaru, Karador, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Radiant, Strale & Zaton
Cast of 2021: Amorphus, Grizzled Wolf, Isamaru, Prowl, Radiant, Shadowmoss, Wrynn & Zaton
Cast of 2022: Golgari, Ink-Eyes, Lannary, Leovold, Prowl, Radiant, Shadowmoss, Strale, Wrynn & Zaton
Cast of 2023: Isamaru, Leovold, Numai, Radiant & Zaton
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post Dec 1 2022, 08:29 PM
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Well come back Maho-Sama

I am glad to see that you are yet to be forgotten.

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post Dec 1 2022, 09:56 PM
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Congratulations Lord Maho
I look forward to meeting you

Neko Muskuo Panama

Sleepy Sheepy - Long Live the Sheep

Adam Smith

know to play: Uriel isp boy
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post Dec 7 2022, 05:14 PM
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It has been a pleasure to have your presence within the Imeprial Palace and offers great comfort to all the peoples of our great land to know that so highly valued a Samurai sits within the Kotei Guwen.

I hope on one of your visits you will have time to take tea that I may formally introduce myself,

Blue Princess
Imperial Princess of Amlas

Known to play Thalia, Kokachin, Faithful and Miranda Winterhaven
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