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post Mar 7 2018, 11:46 AM
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(For use by people that played the first one/are playing the second one.)


Thank you for your efforts in investigating the Angelic beings that came to Gillenum.
I can confirm that later in the evening an Old Shaehan Shrine fell under attack from an Angel with flaming hair, and a flaming weapon. It seemed the building was being used by Evil priests that engaged the Angel and the people with him.
The fight was brutal, but when the Angel was finally killed he exploded him fire.
The people from the building collected their dead and sealed the doors again, we have not returned to investigate.

We are looking to hire further groups to continue your work, and are willing to leave the methods, and direction, of resolutions to any of the problems the Angels may be causing to yourselves.

Sargent Brakus

Please send points apps to: pointsapp@labyrinthe.co.uk

And send system questions etc. to: Lee@labyrinthe.co.uk
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post Mar 14 2018, 03:10 PM
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Location: City of Gileenum

Initial Employment:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Mercenary community.

Over the last Dawn, a number of objects, which we believed were shooting stars, fell to ground near to Gileenum. Closer inspection of the sites revealed that they had been humanoid creatures.
These creatures had left the craters that they had caused, and had started to move towards the city.
We are currently tracking the creatures, but I am looking to hire Mercenaries to intercept the creatures and investigate if they are a threat to us, or the Empire.

Anyone interested in this work should report to the Commisant's office in Gileenum at 10:30 hours on Saturday, where you will be provided with a starting point.

I will provide 2000 Grulls per person helping, from the city funds.

Benkasifa, Earl Rapendour.
Governor of Gileenum.

Additional Information: Gained from Sargent Brakus at the point of hire

These objects had effectively created three impact craters of note.
From these objects thirteen individual sets of tracks had been found, some had grouped together others moved off alone but most had been drawn towards the city.
Some of those figures had been to visit one of the shrines on the border of the city notionally to St. Michael

Mercenaries assisting the city of Gileenum in this endeavour:
Void – needs no introduction
Mo’Lek, wielder of minor shadow magics and dark spirits
Heinrick, Ritter Drachul of the Circle and manipulator of dominion and communication spirits
Druss, Wolfman of the Baronies, skilled tracker and semi-proficient swordsman
Boris, Tall Uruk-Hai with a drinking problem and anger management issues
Some stoned Kallah reject from Rodanne whose name never seemed important

Key Summary:
The 13 beings were all Angels who had been driven out of Heaven
They were exiled from Heaven for they had gained Free Will and sundered their connection to the Divine Compact as a result
Their free will was gifted to them maliciously
This was achieved by ritual means, by the followers of Certizal

Supposition: (I most clarify that all my suppositions made throughout the day were indeed correct) Certizal gains power and delight in Corruption, having Free Will the Angels can make their own decisions this in turn could lead to a darkening of their souls as the succumb to sin, mortal emotions and similar, making them into truly Fallen Angels in the sense of morality rather than vertically. Effectively they have created 13 “mercenary” Angels, as we all know mercenaries that are Angels are more likely people with free will that became Angels and more likely to stray from their moral path. If any one of them turned to darkness they would likely become a powerful tool or pawn in his Evil God Masterplan™.

Factions at Play:
Purity of Heaven: A group of local nutcases that believe that the 13 angels are abhorrent (on account of having free will) and need to be destroyed. Seem to have the spiritually inquisitive nature of Unholy Champions and Paladins, in that order. Their traditional greeting seemingly being “Spirit art thou good?”, “Spirit are thou evil?” and then the application of attempted deadly force with Hallowed weapons.

Dark Deliverers: The old, in mercenary terms at least, and seemingly quiet faith now led by Zardos the Unliving. They are keen to show their support of the Empire and are in the city seeking for a way to return Gileenum to the Realm of Glass rather than it sitting on the doorstep of Heaven. (True Story: I once travelled with their faiths founding members, stand up fellows at the time, unless of course you were an Angel their one Unholy Champion did rather have a thing for putting them in the ground so to speak).

Kallah of Gileenum: Loyal to their City and their City’s Spirit, generally nice, tolerant and helpful people due in no small part to how their City Spirit came to be and the current location of the City within Heaven rather than the Realm of Glass. They could all do with undergoing ritual warding and strengthening against Dominion spirits it turns out.

Certizal, Shadow of the First Evil & Associated Minions: Simply put the “BAD GUYS” in this piece. Responsible for the exile of the Angels from Heaven, use of powerful Dominion spirits to bend the Kallah of Gileenum to their will, corrupting two hallowed shrines to the “Angels” within a Kallah house of the city and imprisoning Mary, a respected and senior Kallah within the city, behind potent wards bound with dark magic and evil spirits capable of destroying all that came into contact with them.

Kallah of Scarlene: At the time of these actions the body that Housed the City Spirit of Scarlene was firmly in the sway of Certizal and along with it had major influence over the Kallah of the City.

Various Angels of their associated Hosts: The 13 angels are :-
Evelyn, Protector of the Virtuous
James, The Brilliant Fire [Now Deceased]
Joseph, What Could Be.
Cassius, The failure redeemed
arnaxius, The Path of Sin
Aranus, The Light Cleanses
Astereth, Memories of Moments
Mericule, Death by Sin
Samra, Inspiration in the Written Word
Gavarius, the Dead Purified
Mercy, The Quick Death
Tavethon, Death Purged
Damon, The Dead Departed

The Church of Unity: Reportedly In the city prior to the Dawn and we all know they preach the downfall of the Exostance by the use and instillation of Democary. Alleged Champions for Free Will and with a previous High Priest with a thing for “Bad Boys” perhaps she or they have also fallen under the sway of Certizal willingly or otherwise and possibly partly responsible for the ritual that granted Free Will.

Points of Interest:
St. Michael Shrine: A small shrine on the edge of the city built in the familiar style of god fearing Masons across the land. This is the place a number of the Angels came too and seemingly prayed for guidance but left potentially without any further enlightenment or purpose. The shrine kindly hosted our introductory meeting with the Purity of Heaven when they came hunting the Angels that had been spotted there previously. Now doubling as a mortuary for the fallen members of that Faction, and future Mr Hissy receptacle repository.

Warehouse District: While the majority of the area is run down, derelict and simply not in use as would be expected of a city destroyed many years ago and as such without an operating commercial structure one of these building had been roughly shored up and seemingly fortified against intrusion and housed members of the Purity of Heaven. A number of spiritual and magical wardings and protections had been put in place throughout the structure including a Holy Warding, bound with both magic and spirits, at the entrance linked to a shrine a little way inside, a warding of light magic that would effectively stab you with eight sabres of light and truth all at once.
Another ritual defences included a device summoning Sprite Princes armed with Sabres of Light & Truth.
They had held imprisoned in a former stock room a member of the Dark Delivers who they were planning to kill and ask questions of their spirit.

Kallah House: Not to be confused with the grandeur of a Beggars Banquet this was still a large location a number of the Kallah use as a dwelling, it contained two shrines to the “Angels” which in turn were guarded by an Angelic Guardian. The house had been visited by the big “Proper” angel with fiery hair who had spoken with Mary and sought guidance at the shrines within, whereupon he had learned of an imminent attack on the boundaries of Heaven and departed to prevent this. The followers of Certizal came to this place later, mastered those they could, corrupted the shrines and imprisoned Mary after seeking to learn all they could of the Angel’s actions and intentions.

Border Shrine: Another small shrine this time notionally dedicated to Border. The followers of Certizal had been traced to here, and while they do not seem to have overtly corrupted or befouled the place it contained the means to open the gateway, if only briefly, to the Plane of Corruption. The key to the opening was held within a box upon the altar. The followers of Certizal had been coming and going from this location within the city and

Plane of Corruption: A realm difficult to access and dangerous to a small group of specialist mercenaries, a place of Certizal’s power containing an altar and a number of Abashaic creatures, potentially Angels of Certizal, able to raise Ghouls bound with magic. It is possible to cast the Planeshift spell to exit this place. Without tiem to study it in detail I surmise it is a pocket plane rather than an actual Plane Plane as it were. Without doubt a place of significance that may hold secrets worth unearthing.

Shahean Shrine: A shrine within the city, nominally aligned to the faith of Shaehan. Currently being used as a not so secret base of operations within the city for the Dark Delivers faith. The scene of brutal conflict later on the days of our investigation between the Flaming Haired Angel; James, The Brilliant Fire, and the Dark Deliverers.

Summary of our actions:

Met watch Sargent Brakus at the Commisant’s office
Tracked some of the Angels to a small shrine to St. Michael, investigated their actions and fought off assault from the Purity of Heaven
Hunted out the Purity of Heaven’s hideout and forcefully introduced ourselves.
Rescued an acolyte member of the Dark Deliverers, impinged on his graciousness following his regained freedom to assist in the restoration of Druss & Heinrick who had fallen while the rescue was in progress
Attended the Kallah House where both an impressive Angel and less impressive figures in dark robes had been seen.
Overpowered the dominion spirits present on the Kallah, broke the two corrupted shrines and released the wardings trapping the Kallah Mary.
Followed the trail of the robed figures to the Border shrine.
Discovered a rite that opened the way to the Plane of Corruption, enacted it twice.
Entered the plane of Corruption along a narrow but short path seemingly bordered by the Nacht.
Took down a seal to the altar room, released a number of Abashaic forms, witnessed them kill the man from Rodanne in an instant.
Discovered they could bind ghouls with magic and that lead to the death of three of our number.
Out geniused the Abashai with transportational magics, retrieving two of the fallen mercenaries, Mo’Lek & Druss, in the process.

The Ritter Heinrick was not carried by my transportional magic, I presume some Southern aversion to being rescued by real Dragon magic and remained upon the Plane of Corruption.

The Orc Boris was not within reach and he too remained on the Plane of Corruption.

Of the failed Beggar from Rodanne there was no sign or trace, I presume the Ghoul spirit that was bound to his body carried it into the mist of the Nacht to be lost until someone wandering through the Nacht trips over it, but probably not in the two weeks his spirit has.

In short the classified Gobbal Results for Starsday 3rd March:

Abashai of Certizal 5 Gileenum “Strangely-United” 0


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Cast of 2018: Amorphus, Despair, Equinox, Golgari, Karador, Lannary, Prowl, Templeton, Vanderlaine, Void & Zaton
Cast of 2019: Amorphus, Despair, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Prowl, Radiant & Zaton
Cast of 2020: Amorphus, Isamaru, Karador, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Radiant, Strale & Zaton
Cast of 2021: Amorphus, Grizzled Wolf, Isamaru, Prowl, Radiant, Shadowmoss, Wrynn & Zaton
Cast of 2022: Golgari, Ink-Eyes, Lannary, Leovold, Prowl, Radiant, Shadowmoss, Strale, Wrynn & Zaton
Cast of 2023: Isamaru, Leovold, Numai, Radiant & Zaton
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