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> Guild Stores - Steward Gavalar
post Mar 5 2018, 02:37 PM
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ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ

Stores as of 22.06.2021

Druidic Talismans (made by Blackthorn)

Slow poison x 1
Druidic heal x 16
Cure disease x 5

Magic Scrolls
Dispel 10 x 2

Mystic Honey x 13
Holy Water x 2
Regen Elixir x 1
Hyper Action x 1
12 point potions x 165
Vision Salve x 2
AV True x 2
Smelling Salts x 2

Magical potions
Darkness self x 12

Guild Item I expired 22.06.2019
Earthsunder Protected Stores (requires four or more guild members)
Provides ALL members the Warriors Tradition 'Adventurer' as per page 32 En-Garde (including non warriors)
Well equipped with supernatural scrolls - 10 power points worth of scrolls (any combination)
Well equipped with 400g worth of simple potions (roughly equates to 6 x 6pts but you can chose other potions)
Recuperation - 1/day cumulative live to -6
Well prepared - 1/day pre dungeon lucky idea

Guild Item II expired 04.09.2019
Earthsunder Protected Armory (requires four or more guild members)
1 x Trusty Weapon (disadvantage to losing this does not apply as per tables)
Well equipped with armour
+1 max AC in master crafted armour

Guild Item III expires 21.10.2019
+0 goodly spiritual mace (requires four or more guild members)
Provides one member (chosen at the start of the day) a spiritual mace for that dungeon
**This item may be improved upon with future guild runs

Guild Item IV expires 25.03.2021 (Covid extension of six months)
Nemesis Head (requires four or more guild members)
Provides ALL members the Warriors Tradition 'Priviledged' as per page 35 En-Garde (including non warriors)
1/day - Battle Tactics providing +6/2 life + 1 x Warcry, Salmon Leap, Knockback or Cold Rage for 5 minutes
1/day - Know Foe gaining knowledge about a particular target or the type of damage it takes and how many hits

Guild Item V - six uses remaining
Grants utilise spirit item for this item only
Useable by Earthsunder and Soulforger members only
Grants 4 spirits of goodly innates chosen at the start of the day

Guild Item V - expires 25/07/2022 (Covid extension of six months)
MAC 2 versus red
Useable by Earthsunder and Soulforger members only

Guild Item V expires 26.07.2022 (this may be extended by 6 months for 60ISP

Earthsunder Banner
Grants all members of Earthsunder +1 level of resistance
At the start of the day, members may choose to take one of :
Strength of the Arm 1/day - declared as a warcry - grants immunity to strength drain for 5 minutes
Strength of Heart 1/day - declared as a warcry - grants immunity to fear for five minutes
Strength of the Mind 1/day - declared as a warcry - grants immunity to insanity for five minutes

1/day the Banner Bearer can plant the banner and declare that the guild hold the area. This grants all members of Earthsunder within 20ft of the banner benefits as per Sanctuary but is physical in nature and also applies to spirits. This ends if the banner leaves the area. Lasts a maximum of five minutes.

ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ Guild Benefits ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ

Basic Tier
  • Immunity to poison
  • +3/1 life
  • Strange Sense - enhanced evaluate
Intermediate Tier
  • Immunity to paralysis
  • +6/2 life (instead of +3/1)
  • Locations are now calculated as half permanent TBLP
Advanced Tier
  • Well Armoured - when wearing master crafted metal armour gained +1 Max AC and the armour grants an additional point of PAC
  • The Clan Defenders 1/day - If a member of the guild is unconscious or incapacitated the guild member gains 6/2 life and an innate warcry. This lasts 5 minutes or until the threat is resolved, even if the guild member becomes active again.
Guild Hall
  • This hall is a large drinking establishment built in the Brandins with a well stocked cellar, sleeping quarters and a well kept tavern with permanent staff.
  • This is considered a 'calm spot' and an excellent place for dwarfs to meditate granting Greater Aware meditation while inside the location. Earthsunder members and hangers on are free to come and stay at any time.
  • This place is known to characters for the purposes of teleport, forest shifts or escape spells and miracles
ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ ᛖᚫᚱᛄᛋᚢᚾᛗᛖᚱ

James Pink

"I like to tell people I have the heart of a small boy. It's in a jar on my desk."...

Earthsunder : Dagda 6k
Earthsunder : Blackthorn 500 points
Earthsunder : Emdar Deepfinder 500 points
Church of Iron & Empire : Joram 5k
Church of Iron & Empire : Blackstones 500 points
Church of the Destroyer : Shhhhh, its a secret
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post Aug 19 2019, 04:56 PM
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Dagda, my thanks.

It's been my pleasure to work with for the betterment of the clan and my kin.

Thank you for putting your trust in me, after my start in life, it means more than you know.

I look forward to serving the clan, and if anyone has any ideas with regards to trade agreements, please do bring them to me.

Ancestral Channeller
Steward of Earthsunder

The Place Spirit of Season's Winding - Immortal Seasonal Place Spirit
Gavalar Earthsunder - Ancestral Channeller (more likely a level 3 type unknown...)
Talladin Shi'ar - Phoenix Touched Vivomancer
Alistair Flashblade - Armoured Priest of the Balance
Adleheim - Circle Psi-Master
Loads of others who never get past 250...
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