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> Imperial Seers Official Folio - Other Planes, Laurelinsdale
post Jun 14 2015, 12:31 PM
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Subject: Laurelinsdale
Dept: Extraplanar Threats
Lead: Meredith Lecht

The plane of Laurelinsdale is comprised on a number of 'realms' which hang from a metaphysical tree. This tree is twinned with another which forms the centre of the plane of Telperinsvale. From what we have learned the former relates to the Sun and is stronger, the latter to the Moon as is weaker. We are uncertain why the latter is weaker, though denizens of the Court of the Sun & Moon seemed to indicate that it had been in some way corrupted in the past and in its purification weakened somewhat. Apparently it has grown in strength again in the past three or four years, but this growth appears somewhat dark in nature. Investigations indicate that this growth relates to the reappearence of a set of lamps within the place known as Scathis Vale.

Mercenaries travelled to the Court Beyond the Veil and were subject to a series of traps derived from the fabric of that realm, which formed a maze of places in different phases. That place had been invaded by a number of different other courts; those of the Peaceful Storm and those of Transformation and Amplification. Of most concern were those of the latter, who appeared to be able to shatter realms and places apart breaking them into fractured pieces and cast accross the aether. This power is considered to be a significant threat to the Empire and the Throne and if discovered on Primus or within the Empire should be reported immediately to the Inquisition or the Seers.

Within the Court Beyond the Veil, contact was once again made with the being known as Orallabas, the Elsebringer. He had been captured and upon his release was able to provide guidance as to the nature of the forces within the court and of the location of the paths, roots & ways that connect the realms to each other.

Two potent creatures of undeath, believed to be the former heads of the Court Beyond the Veil were slain, along with a pair of potent assassins, identified to be the same creature, entitled "The Knife of Dreams". We surmise that this creature relates to the Court of Smoke & Dreams, one not encountered but in existence within Laurelinsvale.

After a deal more investigation it was uncovered that the paths that connect the realms to each other had been tainted and twisted by a Rite of Shattered Clarity hidden within the tree itself. This fed upon the spirit of that place, amongst other things, and has now been countered. We believe it will take some weeks before the paths become fully accessible again. In order to facilitate such a number of people skilled in such have been dispatched by resource E.W.

Further conflict and investigation revealed that a force known as "The Holy Crusade" were behind the war in Laurelinsvale and the breaking of the Covenant that for hundreds of years had prevented violence between the various courts. This crusade is believed to be centred around a Court known as "The Purity of Perfection". Given the actions of those individuals associated with it and their dominion over a great many of the other courts and peoples I would consider them a significant supernatural threat to Primus should they seek to come here. It is my understanding that documentation found indicates that it is their eventual plan to do so.

One, an individual clad in white and gold armour, called Mabron, the Herald, was eventually slain in a prolonged combat. He, it would appear, had bound his soul to a number of other potent creatures such that while they lived he was be unhurt, but on their death so he too would fall. We are investigating whether this soul-binding is something unique to Mabron or a facet of the Holy Crusade as a whole. We are concerned that if whoever is behind it has bound their soul to the entirety of the crusade that should they attack before we have had a chance to corner and kill off their soldiers we could be in a problematic situation.

We have not yet received a report on whether the names of any figures senior to Mabron with the Holy Crusade were uncovered or their likely targets within the Empire.

Will Power - rednax1984@gmail.com
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