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Labyrinthe Forum _ Church of Dead Heroes _ Permanent beneficial curse

Posted by: BenG Aug 23 2023, 05:28 AM

Hello overyone!

My name is Rufus, Rufus Stone and I'm new! I've just joined this august group and was wondering whether anyone could assist with a permanent beneficial curse?

If anyone is able to assist, it would be very much appreciated.

Also, I'll be starting my new job over at the University of Undeath over in Bildteve fairly soon and a benefactor has provided me with a few Grulls to help me get my studies started. I'm in the market for some teaching scriptures of advanced Necromancy miracles if anyone is able to assist. Particularly keen on Control Undead!

Let me know if you can help!

My thanks


Posted by: BenG Sep 5 2023, 07:53 AM

OK, so it seems that last request was well beyond the bounds!

So, can anyone help with teaching scriptures of the basics - anything of 1st to 3rd rank miracles from neutral and evil spirits?

Particularly of interest, control zombie/skeleton, halt, spirit of seeing (and hearing), talk to spirit and spirit shield, as well as animate zombie / skeleton and curse.

Happy to pay for the work, do let me know!



Posted by: Dave Sep 5 2023, 09:09 AM

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