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> Information on the targets
post Jan 7 2014, 12:53 PM
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As promised here's the initial briefs.

Name: Esargil, Squire of Brutality (now dead)
Bounty: 10,000 grulls
Threat overview: Esargil has been sending messages to and from the hells since his escape at the previous dawn (1012/1013). It appears he has been massing a force within the hells, including his demonic master Henatavus Duke of Suffering, Master of the Agonising Battle.
Attempts were made to stop him obtaining a ritual to open a demonic gate recently but failed.
We have managed to determine that the portal is within a shrine to St Michael in rural Mordreds Rest. It was built there several years ago to specifically ward and protect the shrine. Each year rites are enacted that keep demons at bay and protect the shrine, however with the Dawn having just turned now is the perfect time for Esgargil to strike so we believe he will be here/arriving soon.
Details of Individual: Esgargil is a demon of small power. He wields limited magics of fire, and has some skill in combat. His main talent is he has a brain compared to other demons and can think a plan through several stages, which is what makes him dangerous.

Name: Rupert Cloet (now dead)
Bounty: 10,000 grulls
Threat over view: Rupert was a priest of Glass. He had some talent with ritualism and an understanding of the throne and how power flows through it. Towards the end of last year reports were received that he was buying up heart glass, or Nagrech shards. We began monitoring this. With the sudden events over the dawn in Deci we are concerned he may be behind it as the exact nature of his scheme could not be determined.

Details of Individual: Rupert was a devout servant of the Church of Glass during Amoura’s reign. When the senate over threw Amoura he believed that the Church should have stood by Amoura’s side as he was the rightful Master of the Throne. His belief was so strong he came to blows with the then High priest Earl Edwidge. This resulted in his excommunication and outlawing. He left and fled to Deci. He was not considered important enough to hunt down so left to live out his life in Deci.
It is unclear where his spiritual talents now lie, but he was, before excommunication, and extremely accomplished priest wielding both the Spirits of Light and Balance, though he is likely to have lost access to the majority of his miracles.

Name: Monika Nav Reinhart (now dead)
Bounty: 10,000 grulls plus 20,000 grulls from the Circle.
Threat over view: Monika is attempting to enact the rituals to become a Green nail. Why this would be a specific threat is unclear, perhaps because of what her banes will be or because of the allies she is forming to do it.

Details of Individual: Monika is the member of the Hagreth. She joined after her father, Reinhart (a hedge priest), was captured and killed by mercenaries working for the Circle 7 years ago and she has been seeking revenge ever since. She has never had any love of the Empire, or the Circle, or indeed any of the baronial society. When younger she was regularly involved with various different hedge groups and cults, mostly those seeking to be allowed to live freely and without circle “persecution” (as they saw it). Her membership of the Hagreth marked a dramatic shift in her activities. Rather than fighting for people she simply began fighting against the Circle, Barons, and Grafs.

Name: Augustus Aurilius the 3rd.
Bounty: 20,000 grulls
Threat over view: Augustus holds various powerful pacts, including one with weapons, and has resided within the Empire for years. At the dawn he attempted to forge a pact with Glass to remove his outlawhood and the throne itself rejected it. Why this happened is unclear, however he has sworn vengeance and destruction on the throne. While he may not have the power to do it himself it is probably he could forge and form pacts and bargains to ensure others will act for him.
Details of Individual: Augustus is odd. His father was a fire elf called Castarla and his mother an Ancient folk called Rosa Aurilius. Why his mother slept with the fire elf, and indeed carried a child to term is unknown. Indeed the fact she cared for him for his youth is even more shocking. His nature as a half breed has diminished none of Augustus arrogance and racial pride. Equally it hasn’t hampered his ability to craft and forge pacts. Augustus is weak in frame, and by all accounts has minimal skill with weapon or spell of his own. That said were he to invoke bargains and pacts how dangerous he would be is uncertain.
The only effort to slay him resulted in the imperial assassins body being returned in pieces.

Name: Mohsin Bin Syed
Bounty: 5000 grulls, plus the Confederacy have offered mystical trinkets.
Threat over view: Syed has fled to Khanniabad and has begun preparations for a ritual. The rite appears to be set to target the Needles and cause storms and tidal waves. This would hamper trade from Bildteve to Ishma greatly. On its own this would be no reason to believe this a threat worthy of such action, however it has appeared as one. Perhaps the ritual is the first in a serious of plans, or the area it is targeting is of import somehow.
Details of Individual: Syed, like his father, served the confederacy as a Rainfinder. Originally from clan Rain he spent many years wandering the sands as law maker and peace speaker. In 1011 he was called upon to judge a case of theft by a Hazraen. As with these things he weighed the evidence and sentenced the Hazraen, called Tarun, to death. This was the last act Syed took as a Rainfinder. The next day his staff was found broken at his Hetyans home and he vanished. Reports of him acting across the deserts have been heard, but none confirmed.
He was a green and blue mage, now though what powers he holds is unclear.

Name: Sandra Accardi (now dead)
Bounty: 5000 grulls
Threat over view: Sandra is a priest of light. Her church is unclear, but it appears she is a hermit. She has spent the last few years preaching against the Empire. Her main rhetoric seems to be that the Empire is harbouring evil and allowing it to flourish. Indeed it is giving those of dark heart more power, and supporting the Evil churches over the churches of light.
She has found much support in Gothiel, and to a lesser degree the Rest.
Her recent activities have resulted in direct attacks on shrines of evil faiths.

Details of Individual: Sandra is a charismatic women. She easily sways people to her way of thinking. If she was an evil priest we would assume she uses the beguile miracle. It is possible she is proficient at the befriend miracle however and that is her weapon of choice.
Nothing has really stood out about her life, and she would probably have been allowed to continue with her ranting and raving had she not appeared as a threat this dawn.

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