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> The Fall of the Hall, ~The Tale of a Hallowed Day~
post Aug 12 2019, 07:49 PM
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Let the faithful know that the 10th of Orgus will ever be a Hallowed Day and the Host on high will raise their voices in both joyous celebration and the lament of loss, sweetened by the end of sorrow.

On this day in IM1019 witnessed by Gods and men, Michael’s divinity shone as an Aegis of the Heavens, a Bulwark of Light and manifested in a cascade of divine visitations upon the mortal realm of Primus.

Our Lord’s power washed away the Banisher’s doubt as the Tears of the Marty wept from the Sword.

A victory hither too unimagined in this time was claimed.

The keystone of Destruction undone became transformed by the flow of the divine and from it birth a sacred place of sacrament.

The Pilgrim’s sacrifice in the light of twinned Bright God’s manifest with his power.

And so the name was bound and given and Saladin’s Gift was anointed.

Within the Razor Mountains of the Reclaimed lands a Temple to Destruction stood, a focus to his power so manifest that the very Halls of Destruction touched the very fabric of Primus and were laid across the world.

The Temple was located and breached with thanks to the united strength of many Heroes. Much was sacrificed and it had taken many years and countless lives prior to this day to reach this place.

A divine rite was crafted ready to be performed standing at the altar of Destruction. With the divine aid of He~who~is~Justice twin rites were commenced to manifest the Bright power of his Lord Talthar and our Lord Michael upon this wicked place.

The Sword of Michael wove the divine and drew our Lord’s presence through him, the mantle of the Martyr falling upon his shoulders, the rite of the cross crafted at it’s four points, The Sword, The Pilgrim, The Banisher and Justice.

As the rite was given form and substance with the power of Heaven, the Blood of Michael began to flow and the Sword wept the Tears of God. As the Tears of the Martyr fell so did the Banishers doubt wash away, his sight opened to the divine sacrament that flowed, the Sword truly was of Michael’s Hand.

The Tears became a river, the divine manifest through them and at the culmination of the power unleashed so were the Bright Lord’s sealed and bound to this place and this rite.

As that power touched the world the Halls were banished from Primus, severed from the altar upon which they were anchored and the crack of the Keystone reverberated with such power that the Heavens rejoice and the Hells looked on in terror as they bore witness as the Wing of the Hall that touched the world shook, cracked, crumbled and fell.

The Wing not merely repelled but vanquished, toppled, raised to nothing but the remnants of unhallowed power, bathed clean in the devouring light of Heaven’s purity and consumed to stand no more.

The rite woven and the clarity of Heaven ringing in their forms with the full truth of this miraculous victory won. The Sword collapsed the agony of the touch of divinity being withdrawn, left marked by the Blood of Michael, the Pilgrim soothed the Sword as he spoke of the miracle and blessing that had been bestowed.

He~who~is~Justice and the Banisher tore down the remnants of the dark faith that lingered in that place, blessed by Hopes power and sundered in the Fires of Justice no trace of Destruction was left to cast its shadow in that place.

So the Banisher took to stand before the altar now anointed by his own shield the bright foci and sacrament of the hallowed miracle placed upon it. He called the power of our Heaven to that place, summoned forth our Lord’s Light as a beacon and the words of the angels to ring out in an aria within this Temple of Triumph. So was darkness made pure.

As night fell the Light of the Bright Lords shone to the Heavens as a twinned beacon and the forces of Destruction filled with wrath descended with fury upon the Temple grounds.

The Pilgrim defiant against the forces of darkness, unwilling to see any of the light fall before the crashing tide of Destroyer’s servants opened his form as a conduit to our Lord’s divine power to flow through him, attendant to the those that stood against the darkness his power constantly renewing their forms against the unrelenting assault of the Destroyer’s servant and Disciple.

The Disciple tasted only defeat and the blessed steel of the Sword and of Hope.

The battle won, the Pilgrim’s Sacrifice had been made and with it the sorrow he carried was unburdened to the light beyond.

So spoke the Banisher, for names have power and deeds of significance shape the worlds they touch.

“Let all know that this Temple shall be named from this point forth as Saladin’s Gift and let the Hosts of the Heavens decree that today shall ever be known as the Fall of the Hall.”

Gordon Court
"The man with the barbwire soul."
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Cast of 2019: Amorphus, Despair, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Prowl, Radiant & Zaton
Cast of 2020: Amorphus, Isamaru, Karador, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Radiant, Strale & Zaton
Cast of 2021: Amorphus, Radiant & Shadowmoss
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post Aug 12 2019, 07:53 PM
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In Michael's name.

Vox Michael

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