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> The fight with the Discples
post Feb 17 2020, 11:24 AM
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I thought as you did not see what happened when the two Disciples arrived, and for those who are taking the fight to the Destroyer, you may appreciate what Thor, Henry, Remstar and I learned from our encounter on Saturday evening after we broke the ritual freeing Harvath from the ritual constructed by the two disciples. One of them was Silas Morax, the other an unknown who we have failed to scry about until this point.

They transported in and walked towards us. As they did a wash of power emanated from Silas, this was a powerful touch of death prayer, which was as destined as any I have seen, bound with divine power. Whilst it was called forth by Silas given what reductions I could apply to it so to speak, I can confirm it was as if the Destroyer himself was standing there and cast it himself. This put Remstar’s projected-self unconscious. Henry quickly tried to bring him round so Remstar could commune as planned, this failed as the unconscious body needed healing as per a resisted touch of death but with all powers. Both were completely invulnerable to scrying, even when close to them, so the following information was gained through trial and error, observation, and how much things hurt, compared to how much they could hurt.
Silas Morax appeared to be one of the Grim Reapers. I would assume their leader. The other was obviously a druid, wrapped in twisting vines, and I managed to get him to say his name which was Halphas, he confirmed he was from the Blackwood. I can confirm that Silas is just a man, neither demon, undead, or evil Divine being. Halphas on the other hand would appear to be some kind of demon, or supernatural evil creature from another plane, although the powers he wields are not.

The first two minutes where fairly hectic, Thor’s projection, whilst stood for its final time I think lasted about 90 seconds before he released it. Also in that time a blow was struck from Silas onto Remstar’s projection which killed it, and my skilled spiritual healer eyes told me he was dead forever, I suspect not relevant for a projection but an actual person would have just died forever. Other things noted are as follows.
• Silas hits very hard (3 times an average mercenary). Additionally with each strike he inflicts a miracle (bound with magic) similar to a soul lance but powerful enough to kill you twice over. This also appeared to heal him.
• Halphas hits fairly hard (2 times an average mercenary), which started as normal physical damage, when I became purely of spirit, so did his blades, when I became of magic and spirit so did his blades. His weapons also appeared to be some sort of fossilised rock not metal.
• Having called on my Lord to make me invulnerable to the hugely powerful Soul lance from Silas he still appeared to be healed every time he hit me so I deduce it is not relevant how much you are hurt by his blow for his healing.
• Both were invulnerable to both my bedazzle spell and my ability to counter master their weapons.
• Having empowered myself with a torrent of healing miracle, blessed by the dawn, Halphas quickly cast a druidic heal, and another healing evocation on me, which whilst would normally have no effect where empowered by the Blackwood.

The fight stabilised for a little while, and I endeavoured to actually hurt Silas Morax, although my ability to do this was limited to my two weapons so light and fire magic and spirits of light, none of this appeared to hurt him. Next I attempted to hurt Halphas, and despite the fact I could see my Lord visually empowering my weapon, and cycling through every combination of colours, spirits, miracles, spells, ect not a single blow appeared to be able to bypass his twisting vines of protection and touch flesh. Each time my weapon changed so did his vines of protection. We spent some time looking for rituals in the near area in case they were empowering them but found nothing. Henry tried a number of “cheeky” attacks but nothing he tried seem to land or hurt its target. A number of times Silas looked like he tried to divert Henry’s blows towards me, thankfully Henry has warded himself against this.

Other things to be very aware of.
• At one point Silas Morax cast a prayer that Dismissed the living from every living thing nearby, he did not require the name of the thing he was dismissing. I suspect this is where a lot of the fallen angels we meet earlier in the day came from. It appeared to be a miracle which if you are alive, just kills you.
• From time to time vines would go from Halphas to Silas linger on him for a few seconds and then return. To what end I have no idea, and they did not appear to do anything, although common sense tells me he wasn’t just saying hello to his Disciple brother. I strongly suspect it could have been to heal Silas, and on finding him unwounded nothing was cast. Certainly it was not casting any form of defensive or empowerments on him.
If I remember more I will add it,

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