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> Island of the mists part 5, Death day 1
post Sep 8 2019, 11:15 AM
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So we prepared to travel to the giants mountain, we walked into the troll bridge as
Normal, but on arrival we were immediately assaulted by astral servants, these were
Difficult to kill as you had to break their chest to kill them and then they would lash out
In a vengeful death manner. We fought these for some time, whilst planting a seed
and defending it and waiting for it to grow. Finally it grew into a large beanstalk, which we
Could climb, we all too to the beanstalk quickly, arriving at the giants mountain, here sat down
And discussed are best options, and Still Clouds communed about what to do. After much discussion
It was deemed best to send sha’grot The everliving to retrieved the object, he was given instructions
And a plan, and it was made clear he should be very careful. So off he went, whilst the rest of us sat
There wondering how he was doing, would he succeed etc. Then suddenly I saw the quickest glimpse
Of an angel of st Michael, and sat in their arms for a while. It was nice and safe where I was, but I knew this
Was a sign something had gone horribly wrong. I returned to find angels standing around annoyed and attacking people, some of our people had left the beanstalk. Four of our number had died I think still clouds, Godric, Zu, and madame Shankun. Back at the top of the beanstalk I did some fast talking, explained the error, and that we were truly saddened by events, I spoke some while to find a solution for these angels, as Sha Grots error had caused
Their heaven to fall, as he had not checked things before taking action. So it came about that I, the little
Draigg granted each and every angel the chance to be reborn, that they did not have the capability to do
themselves, with sadness and reverence I guided them to the path to allow them to return. It was a strange moment, glad that at least I could offer them a path they wanted. We then travelled down the beanstalk to
The rest of the group, and were sad to see so many had died. Sha’grot got lots of stick over this quite major error
Of his, and of course he apologised to everyone, that of course did not stop some shouting and grumpiness. Sad and quite downhearted the group left the giants mountain. We knew that our next place to visit was the endless desert.

So we prepared the way and travelled to the endless desert, here we found three factions the sand worshippers who were goodly, the rain finders who were neutral, and the serpent people who of course were evil. The good ones
Were fascists and actually lied about things, the rain finders were reasonable and very balanced, and the serpents
Were very very very evil. We talked to people, some people made deals etc. We managed to retrieve three keys that were required to open the way to the water dragon which was defending the object we needed. Many comms were performed and a plan put together. Then we went in, some of us had to perform a specific spell or miracles at the same time on the water dragon. This was not as easy as first though, and after much chasing finally the casting were performed, then it was found there was an object of wardings , which needed to be taken down to destroy protective layers of the serpent. These protections were very complex, and so those with greater expertise in such were investigating that, while izrock was fight absolutely everything, and everybody else was running run doing various things, picking people up etc. It was then whilst in the air standing next a couple of people in the air, when suddenly the people next me started to fall, very weird, they managed to sort themselves out, but it was very odd.
So much fighting went on and people went in and out of the fight. I then realised that I had not seen godric or zu for some time, I looked around trying to see where they were, and noticed too bodies quite far away on the ground. I rushed over to them as fast as my little legs would allow me to go, on getting there, it was obvious they were dead, with many dagger type wounds about their bodies, in fact almost cut in half. My first thought was, oh heck that must be some sort of assassin about, bu I had not seen one, must have been a damn good efficient one, I thought. I did not know what to do, try and picked up the bits. So after much deliberation I decided it was best to
Pick them up. I was just about to do this when I heard a small shift of feet behind me and I turned, Sha’Grot was standing their behind me with his weapons raised, he look at me his eyes cleared, and he lowered his hands, I looked at him, suddenly realising what had happened, I could see it in his face as he stared at the corpses on the floor, he did what any good goblin would do, ran away for a bit. I picked up our friends remains and took them away from where the incident had occurred, I then did the appropriate knock on deaths door, to show respect before we restored them to life. We explained to those killed what had happened and that Sha’Grot had been controlled in some way, and his action had not been of his own free will. The wardings were finally taken down and the water dragon defeated, allowing the group to retrieve the object.

Told by Tweegle but scribed properly by St Michael scribe

Sarah Williams

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