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Labyrinthe Forum _ Church of Tryst _ A Good Day to be Bad

Posted by: DavidFisher Mar 22 2021, 01:59 PM

Every 20 years, when the 2 red moon’s shine their light upon Primus, dark forces grow in strength and dark deeds shine auspiciously.

Such a day is soon upon us and several groups of dark-hearted mercenaries are invited to work together to take advantage of this mystical rare occurrence to further their aims. To make the most of this opportunity, a number of guilds and churches will gather to work together for the betterment of evil.

The Tryst is one such group.

Do you wish to take advantage of this rare opportunity?
Can you gather in sufficient numbers in All-Hallows Eve (30th October) working to promote your church?

I'm organising an "Evil Theme Day"

30th October - 11AM to 10PM

My initial thoughts are inviting I&E, Tryst, Primal Darkness and Obsidian Cabal (Churches and groups that can work together) with initial section in your respective groups and then splitting by points thresholds for subsequent sections. Sections are likely to be:
- Max 1500
- Max 5250
- Max 10K
- No max
Depending on actually points these may change but are indicative. There will also be opportunities for side quests and a mixture of role-play experiences to suit all types.

Duncan will open the event soon so please have a think about signign up and I hope to see you and your church make an appearance


Posted by: KatSables Mar 24 2021, 06:16 PM

Absolutely yes!

Posted by: Labyman Mar 24 2021, 06:39 PM

I’m in

Posted by: miles Mar 24 2021, 06:39 PM

I'm in


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