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> Island of the mists part 8, Mayhem and danger
post Oct 9 2019, 08:59 AM
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Ghoulstone and Sha went to infiltrate a vault to recover a stone of power required to kill the beast, while they were doing this the main group went to the ivory towers, and Tweegle carried on preparing the ritual of rebirth for the dwarves.
The ivory towers was in a land called the savage lands named this due to the corruption afflicting it. The main group fought corrupted scholars that were bound with undead returners. They fought there way down to the ritual area, which was protecting the phylactery. The group was confronted by the final guardians which were 7 lichee, all of the 10th rank. Midarcanus decided to let what we call spritey out, and went forth with the hand of Michael and 6 times did he use the hand to strike down the liches, he had to heal himself lots, and Kurth went into the fray and he did smite the other lich heroically. Finally all the liches were slain.
So now the party looked at the ritual area, and found that any who entered who were flesh and blood would have that blood removed and replaced with something else. Everyone got involved to try and unpick the ritual whilst being assaulted by spiritual undead. Still Clouds died after being hit with a warding backlash and fell to the ground. There was no time to perform a restore to life in the area, so the body was just kept safe. As the final element of the warding is unraveled, Kurth falls to the floor dead, Midarcanus called on Michael to keep him going, as a massive backlash washes out from the ritual. The party retrieved the object. Izrok covered the groups retreat as they fled the area.

The main group returned to where Tweegle was, it was then noticed that izrok was still missing, Midarcanus
Disappeared returning soon with izrok body. Poor Izzy.

Ghoulstone and sha has still not returned from the vaults, and the group just had to wait, finally after
A few hours they returned having successfully retrieved the stone.

The whole group was shattered, but the time was now close for the final assault. Tweegle informed people she needed to perform the rebirth ritual first thing in the morning.

Tweegle rose early, got her fairy cakes and sweet things, a cloth, and bits and bobs, and she carefully laid out her ritual, even the laying of the components being a part of it, and fairy cakes and yummy things were laid at specific points of the ritual, and then Tweegle used all her knowledge and did empower it with many powers, and then she spoke the ritual and guided 30,001 dwarves to rebirth as they wished and to free them from their trap of many
Many years. Finally completing the ritual Tweegle was aware of its complete success and was pleased with herself,
Satisfied that many could now move on as required, she though to herself hmmm that might cause a large queue
In the heavens.

This succefully completed, the whole group rose and readied themselves for the final assault and the beast, on the way the group met more astral servants, and fought many of them,Tweegle removing a horrible degeneration effect
From the mighty Umnar. Finally reaching the beast.

The phylacteries were cast into the volcano and the party attacked the beast. Lord Zu strode forth
Looking almost regal in his way, he with a grin on his face and a hearty smile, announced his final stand and
Hurled himself in a majestic flow of blade and shield at the beast, in support Yurei came in his two swords dancing in unison in his hands cutting and slicing into the beast, then suddenly behind the beast a face popped into view eyes bright with glee and daggers already slicing into the back of the beast Madam Shankun struck, and swiftly disappeared as if never there,. Sha the great and everliving would lay his attacks carefully in true goblin style, making sure all the time that he was in absolutely no danger whatsoever,
Kurth the brave would stand in the fray, side by side with Lord Zu and he would support and smash into the beast with great vigour and purpose. Ghoulstone was popping around here and there doing all sorts of things to hamper the beast whilst lug the great healer ran about healing and running all the time, and shouting encouragement like, get in there come on, hurry up and such like. Midarcanus moved around casting massive fire bolts at the beast with a glint in his eye. Izrock did as he does, standing in the beasts face smashing it to bits and pieces, in a massive rage, anger flowing he struck at the naughty beast, finally the beast started to fall but it let out its final wash of vengeance killing izrock instantly. The party wandered about picking up their dead, dazed and unsure, but
Also relieved that they had managed to defeat the beast.

I Tweegle wish to pass on my thanks to all that stood against the beast, and hope this story
Is interesting for all and maybe in the future may even help someone who fights such things.

The end...

Scribed by st Michael scholar on behalf of Tweegle

Sarah Williams

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