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> Island of the mists part 7, Island of the mists part 7
post Oct 8 2019, 12:56 PM
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so next thegroup had to travel to the deep halls to try and remove a corruption there,
On the way they were met by many undead, but made there way to the place spirit, which
Was barring them entry to the main part of the deep halls, after much discussion it was
believed there might be a more diplomatic aprosch possibly to be achieved by Tweegle.

The party left the deep halls and went straight to toyland,
The party appeared in a jack in the box and were flung miles into the air, there were
Moments of panic but then many snowflakes were cast and all became calm for a few moments.
soon though the group found themselves confronted by toy soldiers, which had to be beaten
Down and burned. After dealing with these they were confronted by lost and forgotten toys
that were really weird.

Then much confusion was caused, as the group met 3 pigs and a wolf, it turned out that the
Wolf was the good guy, see you can’t belive everything your told, poor wolves have suffered
Due to the telling of this story in its supposed correct form. The only way to kill the pigs was for their house to be broken by the wolf, but unfortunately before this was known the wolf was killed by the group and the
Body sent away. so after much running around and sorting out the house was broken and pigs dealt with.

The came the unloved toys , who were psycho rage mad, and had to be calmed by friendship being offered,
Tricky but sorted out, right before the toys that wanted to be entertained arrived, and they wanted jokes
So there was a bit of a scramble to remember enough jokes to sort this lot out, funny how your mind goes
Blank and you can’t remember a single joke when you need to.

Ha then cam mr slinky, who slinked around in a weird way, but not for long, as a little bit of rust
Sorted him out, ha mr slinky take that !

Oh and just to make things tricky along came the spiders, which could only be killed by that born without
Fear, for example an elemental. The stinkers.

Oh yes and then we come to the ridiculously scary liar toys, oh yes these were utterly destroying,
Why you ask, so all they had to do was lie, and every time they did, they hit harder and harder and harder
This got mad as you can imagine as at the time no one new what was going on, so thes things just lied and
Lied and lied as much as they could as quickly as they could, by the time the solution was worked out, it was extremely dangerous. To kill these you had to attack them whilst telling a lie, Very very very very rude, naughty toys.

Finally the warding protecting a feather needed by the group, this warding was a reverse stairway to life,
And inside this was a set of papers that had to be translated and read backwards, what did not help here was
That’s lots of the words were total rubbish, stupid papers, blimey I don’t know. Anyway these tasks were all completed and the feather was retrieved... phew

The party then returned to the fey realm where Tweegle was waiting, the party discussed matters with Tweegle,
So the plan being tweegle helping a few dwarves rebirth, but first to persuade the place spirit of the dwarves that this was a viable option. So Tweegle sat in discussions with the spirit, it was difficult fir the spirit had 30,000 dwarves talking at him all at the same time stating their opinions, Tweegle talked to him and was doing quite well but then interruptions kept happening, tweegles little fire inside started to fume, as she was trying so hard .
the the Queen of toys was very very very naughty and tweegles little fire erupted she went after the queen and told her right off, too she very very very bad and naughty, and she ran off. Then disappeared.
It was then explained to Tweegle that all the place spirits were brothers and sisters and needed to be united in
Order for the group to be able to defeat the beast, ooops thought Tweegle. She went back to the dwarf place spirit apologised and continued discussions then Yurei entered the conversation, much to tweegles disapproval as it was wasting time, but Yurei wanted to speak so she let him, it ended up with the 30000 dwarves becoming 30001 as
Something was taken from Yurei (nope I not saying what so there). Tweegle then continues her discussions with the dwarven place spirit in a desperate bid to save the family, and the dwarves. The place spirit said if 5be queen of toys apologises for all the hurt and bad treatment over the years then we shall agree, but the Queen was gone after being told off, oh thought Tweegle... can someone find out if the tantrum queen is coming back she quietly said to Midarcanus. It was found out she was coming back, but the dwarf place spirit had given a time for to be back, Tweegle pleaded for a bit of extra time and got it. finally the queen turned up and after some discussion all the place spirits started to apologise to each other. the dwarf tuned to Tweegle, so you will guide my people to be reborn, yes said Tweegle they can come back with their memories to start again and pass on old and ancient
Kniwledge a people no longer lost but reborn. The dwarf place spirit agreed, Tweegle exhaled a sigh of relief and then thought, oh 30001 to rebirth going to need a ritual, and it’s going to need to be good and involve fairy cakes and treats, and so Tweegle began to write a ritual, not practised at such things, she thought of it like a path
Getiing from one end to the other. So she began writing....

Whilst Tweegle was doing this, the others had to set off again....

scribed for Tweegle
(One more bit to do, hopefully later today, hmmmmm)

Sarah Williams

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