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> Assistance required in Sellaville, Brief for Thursday 20th May
post May 10 2021, 10:00 AM
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The City of Sellaville seeks mercenaries to assist the city tackle a threat designated as extreme.

A powerful curse that has been termed the “Blindness that Devours” has recently begun to afflict citizens within the City of Sellaville and has already brought low a number of our rural communities.

The source of this curse seems to be entropic wash from a ritual being woven within a burial mound within the Barrowdells. The curse while not a deliberate attack is the consequences of unlicensed and uncontrolled ritualism being woven.

Research, studies and varying communications confirm the curse seems to be the result of the entropic warping of a powerful benediction linked to the faith of Border that was focused within the Barrow. It is our belief that the power of this benediction is being used to fuel the rites currently being woven there.

Ancient Folk Ritualists of House Retakhan are responsible, and they need to be stopped. However there are a number of layers of complexity to what they are undertaking.

Firstly these rites are being woven simultaneously by twinned siblings, in two separate locations. The first here on Primus within the Barrowdells, the second upon a Secundal reflection of our Barrowdells.

These two “twinned” locations will converge as a consequence of what is being undertaken at the exact moment before the rituals are completed. This will cause both sets of rites to culminate at the same point and time upon Primus. This will increase the magnitude of the ritual power woven by an extensively large yield, far in excess of double, and ultimately the entropy created, its effects and the resultant damage to the fabric of Primus will echo that yield.

Both locations have been ritually sealed and taken out of phase with their realities and will need to be unlocked and realigned to their locations before they can be accessed.

The second issue is that it has been determined that the key fragments required to open the ritual locks would converge should the Primal and Secundal fragments be in the same reality as another, eliminating one of them from their associated reality and meaning only one of the ritual locks could be sundered.

To address this it will be required to split those mercenaries assisting into two equal groups, one will be tasked with breaching and Barrow upon Primus the other the Barrow within the Secundal.

Every future we have had sight of ended in failure where there was any connection or contamination between those acting upon Primus and those tackling its reflection or echo within Secundus.

My office will provide keyed Transportational artefacts, one for each group, the first will be for the group dealing with the Primal, the second for the Secundal. These will take you to the four locations where key fragments have been sequestered away by these twin ritualists and finally to the significant Barrow.

In order to prepare these artefacts you will need to decide on your two groups and confirm these to my office. I suggest you split and balance your skills as best you can among the two groups to give yourselves and ultimately our City the greatest chance of success.

I am empowered by the Governor to provide an increased payment in the sum of G6000 per mercenary and additionally a small, personalised boon from the local Nobility by way of further incentive. Should any of you still have the need for such your Imperial Potion allowance will also be provided by the City.

House Retakhan enjoys the same outlawed status as nearly all Ancient Folk Houses and they may be dealt with as such with extreme prejudice.

Both groups should assemble by 10:30am on Thursday 20th May.

The Primal group should meet at the South Gate Watch Post and the Secundal the North Gate Watch Post. Further information pertinent to your individual group journeys along with your specifically attuned Transportational device and instructions for use will await you.

The City and its Citizens thank you in advance for your efforts.


OOC from Gordon & Benson: Assume this goes up on Monday 17th May. However you are seeing it now so you can OOC deal with choosing teams and locking them in as it were.
Your two teams are Team Primus & Team Secundus and no we are not saying which ref is for which team.
This is obviously an IC approach for a way of us dealing with the real world COVID-19 restrictions we need to be responsible and adhere too, accept that, embrace it, move on.

Please send points apps to: pointsapp@labyrinthe.co.uk

And send system questions etc. to: Lee@labyrinthe.co.uk
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post May 10 2021, 10:48 AM
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We will attend, and endeavour to end the threat these lawbreakers represent.

We are bound to Primus, and would greatly prefer to be part of the Primal team. As we suspect would other members of the Tryst Hive that are to attend.

We are Hive
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post May 10 2021, 11:02 AM
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I shall attend

I am a skilled (and licence bearing (?)) ritualist so hopefully can contribute to fixing this matter

Very interesting issue I am happy to be in either group as long as there is a balance of skills that allows a reasonable chance of success. I am a Mittlesmith with some experience of travelling secundal ways if that makes putting me in a group easier

Magiarch Jonas of Mistmore
The Circle

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post May 10 2021, 11:07 AM
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Team Primal please

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post May 10 2021, 11:49 AM
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I will deal with the primal issues with hive.


Radah of Michael - scout/psychic/wizard/priest /warrior 80,000 pts
Dev’ Stark - Wizard/Wizard 15000 pts
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Karn - wizard/ritualist
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post May 10 2021, 11:56 AM
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As will i


The game is not always about balance

Apply rule 7 and don't overthink it.
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post May 10 2021, 01:10 PM
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I am very happy to go exploring either Primus or Secundus.
I presume I will probably go for Secundal, but am happy to be assigned whatever.


Callum Kenney

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Kassadin - tryst pure priest
Argonic - frost giant warrior (smurf)
Jacob - human pure priest
Yomi Kodama Panama - Tea Maker
Myrion - vacuum specialist
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post May 10 2021, 01:12 PM
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I am able to attend and happy to travel with Magiarch Mistmore to the Secundal realm.

Theodore Be'Akris


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post May 11 2021, 09:53 AM
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I have some neat tricks that make me useful in Secundus, also Myrions there so I wanna go there...


Only the good die young.

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post May 11 2021, 06:52 PM
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Bit close for comfort...

I'll be there.

Team Secundus I've been told.

Will Power - rednax1984@gmail.com
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post May 17 2021, 04:01 PM
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Dear fellow “travellers”

I have managed to engage in some scrying


When I contemplated sharing such I had a cold shiver which I relate to danger caused by ritualism. It is my strong suspicion that by sharing communication responses with Team Primus I would form some sort of sympathetic link with them that could endanger our endeavour - as you all know from the briefing written above we must stay totally separate. I actually think there may be danger even exchanging psychic messages, elementals or similar - so let’s not.

I am confident that Team Primus can handle even if surprised the things I have discovered - so with the Lord Knights permission I will say no more here.

I will be making contact with members of Team Seccundus to ensure we can deal with a few issues I have identified


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post May 19 2021, 10:12 PM
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Brave and noble mercenaries of the Empire blahblahablh.

Just got baclk from the tavern where I had a chat with her Holy Perkiness Soeone who definintley ain't Border about stuff and whatnot as this eems to be screwing with Her mojo I thought She'd have sumin to say about it and boy was Irtight as once we got a few tankards in Her She just wouldn't stop banging on about everything and anything andargh I may have kos a bet in there somewhere...

Er, what....OH! So, Barrowdells barrowy deathy stuff...One Her lady priests died and she was reallt popular with the locals. Thgey all turned up to her funeral and helped and p[aid repects. Her Perkiness was sad at this as whatever her name was was very much loved by thep people and so She got all upset and may have cried a bit.

TYears fell onto or into or over or in the barrow and the people and being Her Holy Bounciness' Blubbings the hy they did things. Poeple got more lovey towards Her Holy Drunkeness (I mean who wouldn't?!) and and basically Her divine tears helped keep the local's peckers up when thing were tough, gave 'em hope and helped kepp chuggingin on along.

The bones are faitrly significant now and hacve some kind of symphonic link with Her Heavebn and Her personal godliness.

Thought this might help, soryr, touch tipsy

Brother Tubbs
Friar of Border
Imbiber of much booze

[REDACTED] Tarkin (Black Seer)
Tubbs (Fated Friar)
Shugoki (250pts Amlesian ogre magi warrior of the jewel)
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