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New to Live Role PlayNew to Live Role Play

Live Role-playing (LRP) is a form of role-playing game where the players perform some or all of the physical actions of the characters they are playing. Your character's attitudes, ambitions, and history are yours to define within the guidelines of the rules for that particular role-playing system...

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Labyrinthe - IntroductionLabyrinthe - Introduction

Labyrinthe is a high fantasy, deeply immersive Live Role-play (LRP) system staged with in our atmospheric chalk cave site in Chislehurst, Kent (see here for an introduction to live role-play itself). There are many LRP systems running throughout Great Britain, but Labyrinthe is the only LRP club in the country that runs multiple events almost every...

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Venue - Chislehurst CavesVenue - Chislehurst Caves

Mostly our adventures are run in the dark recesses of Chislehurst Caves in Kent, where we have several miles of cavernous tunnels available to us. The caves are a marvelous site for this sort of game; highly atmospheric and the site defiantly adds to the excitement of a live role-playing adventure.... 

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Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events


Caves Open Max 5250

Caves Open max 3K

Wednesday Evening max 1500 single length

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