Hi on the last GS a number a players expressed interest in getting together again,Alan Wilson has kindly agreed to ref again but it has opened out a bit to ensure take up.
The game plan should therefore very much suit Hell company esque characters...the below has also been posted on the LOTS website and looking for a group.
If you were on the last one or this sounds appealing please book on ...

Pretty much whats in the title really. Just thought i should start to flag up the unbalanced max 5250 (probably stated around 3k).This is a follow up from the last Hell company special we did earlier in April.
Refed again by Alan Wilson.On the day there was a lot of interest to carry on so as to ensure subscription its been opened up.The ref is writing this for a mainly LOTS/HELL COMPANY kinda crew though it is in fact open and not a GS as such.There is very much a hope that people will respect the goodly bias to the dungeon.
Any interest out there?
Clayton. "