Just to clarify, as I notice that the Seers have been hiring various groups of mercenaries over the course of recent months, that the Imperial Seers are an autonomously goverened body, and though allied with the greater whole of the Inquisition, and any hires they undertake mercenaries for, or actions they carry out are solely on behalf of themselves rather than the Inquisition as a whole. The Inquisition will never directly use Imperial Seers to hire groups of Mercenaries.

This shouldn't impact in any way mercenary hires, but does seek to clarify who mercenaries are actually being hired by and to what end.

Lord Inquisitor

OOC: Shouldn't have any effect on game mechanics at all; but over the years the Inquisition's been blamed for Seers hiring people to do dodgy things here and there, or things the Inquisition wouldn't hire people to do, when basically we have very little control of anything they choose to do (in live or hote). They're essentially an independent body and I merely wanted to clarify where the buck stops smile.gif - Huw.