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Full Version: Nid Thanks
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Big Thanks to Richard Craig and our one monster (Matt?) for an excellent day, great dungeon, lots of puzzles to work out that had us scratching our heads for a bit, but once the logic was in place everything went pretty well smile.gif

Second Section undead Mosh-a-thon was a great time too.

Big props to the party also, no cleric on the dungeon for heals, just alot of 6pts and bandages, really good day, thx all smile.gif

Ps wont let me edit the title to say MID and not Nid tongue.gif

Very Well done all, thourghly enjoyed every minute of it, expically the frantic elemental bating tongue.gif (I just hid and watched you lot doing all the taunting).

No cleric made me even more reluctant than normal to oing things with spells .... well apart from the leaf monster.

Cheers Gents.

Tony (Seigfried).
Thirded and I thought the plot and pace of the dungeon were really good with plenty of brain and brawn required in each encounter. Scratching my head over the elemental challenge for ages. Thanks for putting up with my arrogant wanker drowe all day and to not shivving me up after i dropped the darknesses that only i could see though.

Lurch grunted his aproval on the way home too. Thanks ref and monster.
Thanks all, big thanks to Richard (and I thought the A-ref/Monster was Rob?) - lots of hard work for just the two of them !

I had a good time, the walls (god, I hate walls ! lol) were well thought out and proved an exercise for the brain, just as much as exercise for the body when the bl0ody monster nicked my bastard sword from my shoulder/back scabbard and proceeded to hit me all over with it !!!! smile.gif

p.s. ever so sorry for being beguiled by the Vampire, honest !

enjoyed everyones characters, and Sylph - if you wanted to try and arrange an overland some time in a couple of months - then I'd be very interested. When the snow stops, just over 12 inches of snow in my back garden !!!!

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