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Full Version: Who leads the Snake clan?
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Some years ago I removed myself from the Jade Empire into seclusion so missed a lot of the happenings from the last few years. My original Daimyo, Lord Zu has gone, which is very sad. My friend, Lord Naga, and subsequent leader of my clan, someone I would have given my life for, became corrupted (probably by that sword, if stories are to be believed) and assaulted the Emperor. My other friend, Sensei, fought Lord Naga. The four of us had so many great adventures and brought much honour to the Snake Clan together. To hear of these events is most distressing.

I understand Lord Chu (someone I've never met) became Daimyo of the Snake Clan but was, himself, murdered by someone called Radah, a Primal God. I used to know someone called Radah and travelled with him a few times. I'm sure it can't be the same person because they were tiny and silly and liked to run around with daggers (well, mostly they liked to run away from things and hide)...

Anyway, I note the Snake Clan is excluded from the Council of Jade and would like to know why? A private missive is probably best, if anyone is willing to share their insights.

I'm also keen to understand who is the current Daimyo of the Snake Clan? Has Lord Chu returned to us or is the position currently vacant, awaiting the Emperor's will? I'd like to present myself to my Daimyo as is proper.

I'd like to think there is opportunity for the Snake Clan to prove its valour and regain its honour but we will see what the future brings, I'm optimistic but also realistic.

With much honour to you all

Snake Clan
Hi Su

I was under the impression you left

It never corrupted me it’s the ones around me got jelious and plotted against me , eventually this lead Neko to get the other dayimo gang up on me and try and give me a “break” in the end I refused to give it to the emperor or Rileck as he is not part of the clan and not trustworthy. I gave it to jez for safe keeping .

Yeah Sensai didn’t get the point of what we were doing wrong and was swayed by a letter from Rileck. There was no fight I let him kill me his soul is now hiding and Rilan has stolen his body .

I wasn’t there but from what I heard he was murdered in cold blood by Somone with no status the Woodrow changed the law to make it all legit so that Neko wouldn’t have to commit suppuk for employing Radah as a response to the empire not extraditing me.

First time I left was when they murdered the Boar clan dayimo for no reason and second time we got kicked out as we refused to sign a peace treaty where everyone believes the emperor said we must but he only said he wished peace.

But new dayimo is some random dude Woodrow decided

So the killing the emperor business was down to not being allowed to outlaw or ostracise Oni . Oni while the enemy of Amlas but your not actually legally allowed to kill them.

I heard Zu died recently something about a Volcano I hope to see him on his return .

Anyway if your ever in Port Miere come see me at Little Hagashi

Yusaki D’treal
Baron of little Hagashi
Admiral of the Dragon fleet
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