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Things have been very quiet recently, but we have been working behind the scenes try to push things forward.

Knowing that there is quite a large muster of mercenary's happening fairly soon I have three things we would like to announce.

1) I hereby formally re-open the Order of Knights Arcaanus.

2) With Thanks to Ash and Dust of Stars, We are now able to openly Honour our Knightly Virtues by embodying them in spirit.

3) After our efforts at this years dawn... We have a new Banner for our Order!

Hopefully we can make up for last time in the remainder of the year!!

Lord Knight


1) CC Contract - PCLD498 - A contract to re-establish the Knights Arcaanus - CPs may be gained by obtaining funding for the new Order, hiring / gaining instructors, achieving anything that would help establish and maintain the Order.

2) CC Contract - PCLD480 - Any Knight of the Land can, upon a muster announce after calling their Oath, that they are honouring one of the Virtues.
For that day the Knight must reflect virtue whenever it is appropriate. - increase faith for Imrazil / decrease faith for dark imrazil / sins upon completion.

3) The Banner!!

Banner bearer gains Defensive technique with the banner if needed.

1/day “The Virtues” Acts as a War Cry vs one listed stopping effect, or a Discipline, for all KotL within 20ft when used. What is gained is chosen by the banner bearer.
1/day the Banner bearer, or someone else in KotL they allow, can cast an other effecting published spell or miracle into the banner so it effects all KotL within 20ft.
Tobias’ Gift: All KotL on Dungeon gain a supreme sacrifice 1/day, this is innate is not regained by using the supreme sacrifice.
Grants all KotL on dungeon 1 point of Live to minus per KotL on dungeon (not stacking with other item live to).
Calls to Lord Knights Hand 1/day

Excellent, congratulations Lord Tristan

Lord Ace-Tren
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