Hello boys, girls, and Bruce.

Some stuff for you for the 16th:

1) The brief will be in a set of chambers within the Gothial temple. I have the Goodly temple, so when you are ready feel free to gather there and get your usual arguing with each other out the way early smile.gif

2) Some non-standards (ish) for you:
Dex Drain ~ Is an undead touch effect, taking 6 points off a spirit shield if you have one. It causes you to loose 1 DAC for 1 hour. It does not cause you to loose blesses, and cannot take you below 0.
Str Drain ~ As above but causes you loose a grade of strength.
Fleeting wither ~ Is an undead touch effect, and 9 points of a spirit shield. It causes the limb struck to stop working for 30 seconds, or until a regen is cast on it.
Wither ~ As above, but is 18 points off a spirit shield, and lasts 5 minutes.
Aging ~ Is an undead touch effect, 6 points off a spirit shield, and lasts an hour. It reduces your maximum life by one level.

A reminder about about of published things:

Decrepitude is the black glyph and causes you to loose a level of life for one hour (this is an aging effect). Each one can be dispelled as per a 2 mana spell.
Catalyptic touch is a 30 second catalypse effecting the level it is cast at.
Mortality is a 60 second fear, unless you were holding alight when it was cast
Shadow Strike is 18 TBLP (black mana, MAC at 1 for 1) but you must have been in darkness for it to work.

That's all really.

Son of