OOC Guild Ethos

The Anchorage

Pre Requites
Be Ostracised or outlawed in any of the lands of Primus.
Evil may freely join, anyone else requires the permission of the Guild Head

Guild members gain a conditoned heart stop which is triggered if they break guild confidentiality.

Guild head: The Elusive Man (Phil Parr)

A place for like minded individuals to come and discuss the destru.... I mean, salvation of Primus and the wider existence over tea and biscuits.

The Anchorage is a habour for all those who fall outside of the law and a place for them to lie low, sell goods and find work. All outside business is left at the door and no such baggage crosses the threshold. This is a place of work, shelter and socialisation where those who require somewhat questionable work undertaken will advertise their employment. Individuals who take on work from the Anchorage are bound in such task and any attempt to expose or sabotage such pieces of work will suffer swift and fatal clauses.