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Full Version: Party list and a few questions
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Who are you planning to come along, character name and points please?

Why are you planning to play? This is to help with what Duncan is expecting from you as a brief idea of why and background on joining this group/quest.

How many of the dungeons can you commit too out of 8?

List of players that will be updated as we go along with additions and others.

Saladin / Hoz
Erik / Anthony Raven
Wyliham / Chris Greenaway
Snow / David Stokesbury
Ace-Tren / Will Powers
Halvor / Dave Hurral
Tristan / Chris Bennet
Lug / Andy Jull
? / Paul Dallen
? / Carlo
Joshua / Jon Mace
Ashgarim / David Fisher
Lye-Chi / Zoe
I'm currently 7.5k. Looking to commit to most
Wyliham is 12.5k. I'll play all the dungeons I am free for.

i think Dave Stokesbury was thinking of playing Snow, and David Fisher Ashgarim

just over 8k of healing priest, I will be looking to play all 8 if possible.

As I regularly work every other weekend it's probably best if I monster when I can.

Ok Tim happy to take you off or would you like to stay on till we get the dates?

Chris G thank you for clearing up the confusion of the David's. I for them mixed up the Stokesbury and Fisher Variety.
Best to take me off to give others who can do all the dates the opportunity.

Based on the plot line I'll be taking myself out of this as well. I've been involved with the original so it wouldn't feel right playing a different character on this.


I may well get involved in the crew side of things though.
I’m waiting for the date of the first event as I understand you have to play this one to do the remainder. Assuming I can do this one, I’ll be looking to do them all, dates and family events permitting.
8k of warrior (although with club supporters card it will quickly be 9k)


So who can do the first mission? And what dates suit us all best?

I can do any dates
Can do early / mid March but not end, Saturdays are better but could prob work around Sundays except the 8th
We are looking at either the 21st or the 28th at the moment?
QUOTE(Saladin @ Dec 19 2019, 06:45 PM) *
We are looking at either the 21st or the 28th at the moment?

Yeh cant do either of those so count me out
QUOTE(JonMace @ Dec 19 2019, 06:59 PM) *
Yeh cant do either of those so count me out

Going to see what is going to happen just yet.

I hope that we can assist singing out between now and those dates when they get closer.
Hi Hoz,

Tried to send you a PM but got

The following errors were found
This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger.

This personal message has not been sent

Anyway that I can contact you?
07510304060 is my number
Can you tell me how many points you are?
QUOTE(Saladin @ Dec 23 2019, 12:48 AM) *
Can you tell me how many points you are?

If you mean me 5320
David Hurrel how many points are you?
Hey Hoz
I’m 9k of anti-undead, so a raise to 20k generic plot will see me mightily creamed!
Mid to end of March not a great time for me anyway though so no harm done, thanks for thinking of me
Yea you maybe right.
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