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Full Version: Imperial Draft
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To the Officers and Footsoldiers of the reknowned Hell Company from Imperial Mercenary Relations Officer Payne.


The Empire requires the recovery of The Spear of Mu-Mu from the Shadow Vault of Charn-El, demon lord of the Plane of Conflict. Your guild has previously proven capable in the dealings with demon kind, and we know you will want to exorcise your skills in the protection of the Empire.

In anticipation of your readiness the relevant demonic gateway is already in preparation at the East Halgar Gate hiring hall. You should muster in all due readiness for an incursion into hostile territory on the first day of next month.

That is all.
I suggest no one goes,
I visted the temple of temple of Mu-Mu once and lost some friends.
On the off chance my words are not heeded I'll mention a few thing you may find useful to know:

- In order to gain entrance to the temple 3 Croll needed to be defeated in battle. All three were linked by some form of power by means of which the two who were capable of moving could not be harmed whilst the third remained still: The only way to break this was to strike the unmoving one with a blade that was formed soley of mystic power.

- The inside of the temple contained many of the walking dead. Inevitably the Names of Power needed to banish them were longer than 3 words, but the final two were always "of Mu-Mu" (such as "Undead Gladiator of Mu-Mu).

- At one point, in order to "advance" within the temple we were required to challange an individual to single combat. He was defeted by being entwined with a conjured wall of brambles.

But again I recomed not going.
Oh, and killing the men who have created a demonic portal.

May the wind be always at you backs
Omran Nazir
Hell Company
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