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Full Version: My Faith in the Lady
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Greetings All,

I visit today with a heavy heart and a troubled soul. Whilst I am relatively new in the service of the lady I am a realist, and felt it prudent to take up an armoured approach in my service, resigned to the fact that combat and death are inevitable.

This Sunsdays just gone I was assisting on a Order of Mercenaries hire to retrieve a son of House Argent who had fallen in with a suspected cult known as The Shining Light within Deci. I, as did most, assumed this was some amusing jape on the part of the cultists, to mock those of a light heart.

Whilst we were successful in returning the young Argent boy to his house the cult troubled me greatly. They are a group of extreme light hearted individuals who reinforce their strength by kidnapping children and beating and starving them into submission such that their will is weakened and they willing convert in order to save their lives.

It seems their overall intent was to convert as many as possible within Deci, including those of noble blood to swing the balance of the city to light and drive out any that would stand against such. Whilst my belief in the light is strong, the methods used by this group are abhorrent.

My own personal trouble stems from the actions my fellow mercenaries took, whilst in accordance with the Imperial Hire, some were quick to resort to lethal methods to get the job done. Towards the end of the day I was in deep conversation with one of the devout followers of the cult only to seem him crumble before my under a magical attack from my group, with his last words being 'how could you do this, i trusted you...' This impacted me greatly at which point I spoke the prayer of Haven to be at my ladies side.

After some reflection, I know this cult to have been doing wrong, and whilst I personally took no life I can see that my fellow mercenaries had no other choice and I believe the approach to have been justified.

This troubles me in my faith, my thoughts at the moment I wish to continue helping others, healing their wounds but feel who am i to judge the actions of others? They will answer to higher powers than me in time. I feel I am resigning my self to the knowledge that others will take life, this is inevitable and I should sustain life where I can. Where I can't, where there is a need to put an end to wrong, others travelling with me can fill this need.

My concern is my ladies view on what is becoming my rather simplistic and possibly callous, realistic?, view of life. I apologise for my ramblings, I had much to unburden.

Rain of Stormvale

I would invite you to take a pilgrimage to Ishma and sit with me for a while in the temple there.

I like you have been troubled In faith, back when Radah and the Murder posed a very real threat, I pleaded with our lady to cast them from her gaze and let them perish without her divine mercy, but this is not her, or our way.

I walk quite a different path to most of our faith now, and I would be happy to discuss with you at great length the merits of lady Shaehan in bringing peace to the world.

These are troubling times, with so much evil in the world at present it can be hard to know what to do to help, but I assure you that your view of life will make you no less useful and no less important in the times to come.

Feel free to contact me at any time,

Joshua De’Fontaine
Shaehans patriarch of Ishma
Greetings Rain,

I used to travel on occasion in Deci with a group of local mercenaries and at times I did find the best way to deal with their more violent acts was just to leave, but you can do any number of things to curb their hostility before such a final statement on their behavior. You can ask people to stop being so outwardly violent (If they wish to be healed) and if they don't you can greatly reduce the effectiveness with which they are healed - the Church's Teachings are a great way of stemming the violence, for it to heal they need to stop fighting for 15 minutes... refuse to heal them any other way until they stop resorting to killing everyone.

That being said goodly "not white enough" types are often worse than those of dark heart, remember a key pillar of our faith is that everyone has a right to life regardless of their moral outlook. While I come from the Heavens as do many Angels of War they are often singular in their views and goals and I find myself more at conflict at times with them than those so called "moderate" evil doers. I would urge anyone to consider each person you meet on their individual actions, prejudging someone on the color of an aura is not conducive to people getting along, first listen, second speak and then decide for yourself.

I'd urge you to not be put off, just enter every situation with an open mind and a hope that everyone there wishes a peaceful resolution to the problem, if one can't be found just help any way you can. Anything is possible I've spent many years travelling with our Brothers in Faith of Mortai and have turned them from killing Undead in the past so anything is possible.

In Peace

Arch Angel of Light and Mercy
It is always a difficult path we tread.

I have always said that our faith is our own, and our first responsibility is to how we put our mark on the world. I have never been a big fan of "converting" people to our Ladies way of thinking. We live by example and hope that others will take inspiration and learn from how we exist in the world.

Your realisations are a sad process many of us go through. Light, dark, good, evil... In some ways these concepts can become redundant in the context of how we live. The sanctity of life, the drive for peace, the belief in freedom of spirit... These are not things you can force on someone to affect meaningful change. People must find their own way and either they shall... Or shall not.

It's not an easy world with simple choices. Often we must sacrifice whilst others falter. And the only soul, the only actions we can truly own and take responsibility for are our own. Feel sadness, grief, anger, frustration at what others do. Those are natural, mortal things to feel. But do not let those feelings change your actions, or doubt your faith.

Continue to be the person you wish others were more like, and do not see it as a failure when they do not follow, for it was their choice to make.

High Priest

It can be a struggle to understand that most mortals are unwell. It is not their fault. They are subjected to horrific torture and agony throughout their lives. They constantly struggle with each other for their very existence. A few, a very few, manage to do so without their soul being torn to pieces or tainted by the struggles they must face.

Treat this madness as you would any other sickness. Sometimes a trivial prayer will not be enough and you may have to tend them for days, months or years to help them to heal.

Primus was created as a realm of sickness, and you are a healer within. Do not take the existence of sickness as any slight on you, not as a reason to falter.

Sheehan loves them all.

Spirit of Haven
I thank you all for these supportive words, I will think on everything that has been said.

I am in your debt.

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