Brothers and Sisters of the Faith,

I am seeking assistance in a small matter, I have tried to contact my sister Kirsty for the last 2 weeks, who resides in the Village of Womping Hollow in Rural Alguz, 10 miles South East of the Way shrine to Justice on the South Road. I have sent munerous runners with messages, but none have returned.
Usually I would not trouble those of the faith but I have become increasingly worried, so I scryed using the powers of God to find out if anything had befallen the faithful in or around Womping Hollow, and I have been unable to gain any answers to my prayers.

I would travel to the village myself, but I am currently in preparations and fasting in preperaration for ascension to the heavenly ranks so am unable to leave the holy ground of the curches temples. and my fears for my sister are playing on my mind distracting me from my meditations.

I will meet those able to attend on the Sunsday Morning at the Shrine to Justice on the South Road. But for now I must return to my Meditations.

Many Thanks, In Hope
Kevin Krystal
Ring of Justice