Next week we will travel to the plane of Tattoo in order to further our investigations. In order to do this we need the aid of Thor, we would not be able to enter without his aid as the plane is Time-Locked. He has agreed but he will only allow people to enter if they partake in an Oath spell. The oath will be to stop us deliberately working against his faith while we are in Tattoo. This is a direct faith in Thor, not the Talthar faith. He will be aware if the Oath has not worked and will only allow people to enter if the Oath succeeds. We have been able to find a wizard who can bind the Oath spell with spirits so that it can effect people like myself.

Please be aware if you attend the muster on Sunsday and do not partake of the Oath spell, or if it will not work on you, then you will not be able to to travel with us for the majority of the day.