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I have for quite some time worked to keep the Empire’s economy within a reasonable level of stability, especially during the years where Chancellor White was somewhat absent before his replacement. That is the duty of all the bearers of a Cerus Marque. It is why we who hold them were granted them. Of course I place my beloved Deci first in such things and whilst the city may be regarded as the black sheep of the Empire even the black sheep benefits when the whole flock is protected.

I have over the past decade taken somewhat more subtle approaches to propping up the Empire’s economy for a number of reasons but suspect that the current issue with the collapse in the funds used for Mercenary pay will require swifter action than my current resources permit.

Some years ago, I admit I forget how long ago, Earl White acquired a number of Silver Mines on behalf of the Chancellery and the profits from those mines was used to create a fund to increment in Mercenary pay. For some reason those mines have started to fail. I am 90% certain that the failure of those mines is the reason for sudden collapse in the funds used to supplement Mercenary Pay. My agents are investigating to confirm my hypothesis.

I think it would profit the Red Flower Society to take swift action to rectify this issue on behalf of the Empire, especially given the untimely resignation of Chancellor Be’Akris.

Is there interest amongst the membership to devote time and resources to addressing this problem?

Afterall, reduced pay for working in the Empire affects most of us.

Sire Halfblack
Vizier of Deci

OOC: Looks like possibly a plot worth following up for some max 5,250 dungeons
Sire Halfblack

I think that sounds a great idea . Help getting people paid as they should if not we are going to see a trickle down effect into the prosperity across the lands.

Lets find a date that we can gather members to look at this.

Would you like to take the lead on this as I have lots of trade talks already in place for this summer


I am more than happy to work towards this once my initial investigations open up means to address the issue.

If I cannot attend personally I will make available one of my Trade Factors.

Sire Halfblack

OOC: Am waiting a chat with Lee when he's a little less busy to see what's possible dungeon-wise
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