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Full Version: Breaking the Pact
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Dear Allies,

This Sunsday we are attempting two things.

The first (morning) we will be going to purgatory.

We are seeking an ancient folk called Akaris. He made a lot of pacts in his life, with downsides that came about when he died. He found a way to break all of his pacts, and get out of the downsides. The problem is that when he died no one wanted to take his soul into the after life. He ended up in limbo because no one cared for him.

We have two options; go to Limbo or summon him from Limbo. I believe that going to him will be our best option, as we will have a greater bargaining position to gain his help. We can do this with any transportation powers that allow you to cross planes. I have some rituals that we uncovered last time which may help.

The other option would have been to collect the objects needed to summon him and then do so. This however would not have left us in as strong a position.

In the afternoon we will be heading to the mine to investigate/deal with this.

I will bring all paperwork we have so far on the day for people to study.

I will see you then


I can easily transport everyone to Limbo (and importantly - back)

Unless any funny types attend who are invulnerable to magic and spirits

That falls in the “not my problem”

Magiarch Mistmore.

It is funny you should say that...

Don't worry, I can sort myself.

Likewise I can transport anyone.

Glad to have you along MM

Baron of Bornheim
I am sure the whole trip will be an education for us all!

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