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So we have a forum set up - I'll be honest it's not likely to get used a great deal to discuss anything we are up to but is a good spot if people need scriptures made to find other members of the faith who are in hiding or see if they can pony some equipment.

Remember we are a full black guild so please see me to get your Black Guild levels signed on as per Black Guild rules below - and remember those free Black Guild benefits when out with your chums!


A black guild is formed in the same way as a normal guild except that it has to be evil in alignment. The actions and practises of the guild place themselves at odds with right thinking society (The Empire). As such the guild as a whole is Ostracised and members are not protected by Imperial law. If an individual manages to have this status removed by some means other than a points ability then they will, by the time they next play, be deemed to have engaged in their religious practices that resulted in this state and be Ostracised again.

Members of a black guild draw power from each other in a unique way. Whilst adventuring in a group of three or more, all members gain +1 spirit per level, +1 level of effect for casting level-based miracles, and no damage casting evil miracles. These spirits may nevertheless not be normally used by Spirit Warriors or Wayfinders. Spirit warriors and Wayfinders may instead choose to gain life points as if one level higher (gaining one additional level of life post-8th).

However, black guild members may only play if there at least two priests of their guild on an adventure, and when only two are present no benefits are gained. Each black guild has a set hierarchy: no member except the high priest may battleboard at above 450 points past,
except as detailed below.
Once the High Priest is 450 points past, he may start the Inner Circle of the guild. Any priest in the Inner Circle may adventure without another priest.
He may sign a 40 point ability Initiate of the Inner Circle onto any other guild-member’s card (at the Desk), allowing them to battleboard up to 1000 points.
Once the High Priest reaches 1000 points past, he may sign a 25 point ability Acolyte of the Inner Circle onto any Initiate’s card, allowing them to battleboard up to 3000 points.
At 3000 points the High Priest may sign a 25 point ability Warden of the Inner Circle onto any Acolyte’s card a]lowing them to earn any amount of points.

The High Priest is under no obligation to sign any of the abilities onto any guild-member’s card.

I have a Spirit Link to all Guild Members so you can tell me the circumstances of your death etc. In addition to this;

Shadows Embrace - From my ability to Word of Recall to SoFE’s realm I may now call others to me in a similar way. Anyone who triggers my spirit link may Word of Recall their body on death off dungeon and get an off Dungeon Command Life at the Desk.

“Command of Life” - This Miracle Dominates the Spirit above the body of the target and forces them to live again. This command only works on those with vitae and costs 10% on dungeon, 20% off Dungeon or has no effect. Immunity to Spiritual Mastery or Domination Effects applies as an Immunity to this Miracle. Spiritual freedom will cause the person under the effect of the miracle to die. This is a releasable Miracle.
I can cast this mantically with Ebony Mana if required and I have an upgrade so it doesn't release on my death on Church members - I can still release it on you if I choose and on dungeon with you.

I can also grant you SoFE’s Touch – Willing characters can gain the benefits of Demon Touched (SoFE only) from me which can be signed on at the desk.
As long as Lomo plays once in the year and SoFE is still present in the system the Demon Touched benefits for SoFE cannot be removed as an option from the Almanac.

That is all folks...
Truly evil use of colour there..

What symbol represents the faith?


Red cross on a white banner.

(On a serious note, no known symbols. We work in the shadows so not really subtle to have a known badge)
Thanks Stevie. smile.gif
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