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Full Version: Killing of a mercenary
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The individual called Van Demon has handed himself in for the killing of another mercenary.
He was hired out of Bildteve on the 23rd of this month and the event involved killing of another in a cloud of sand tornadoes.

If anyone has information on this, including the individual that was killed could they send it to me privately as soon as possible. Public statements will most likely be ignored.

Tarquin Stoneheart
Acting Magistrate of Bildteve

I was present... I will send you details imminently.

Eva Hargreaves
If no further statements are forth coming I will finalise my ruling tomorrow.

Tarquin Stoneheart
I have limited knowledge of this event even though I was there.

I will however message some support for Van Demon. I feel without him some of us may not have made it out alive.

I have had limited statements on this, despite people mentioning they will provide them.

At lunch time I will finalise my ruling for the Covenants approval.

The case of the murder of Kazathael by Van Demon

I have received limited statements on the matter, but the evidence provided by the victim in this matter is clear.

The group encountered an object that was summoning elements and within a sandstorm. The Mages among the group devised a plan to have a summonation bring the object to one of them, and when it arrived dispel it.

This would result in the sand storm briefly passing through the group.
The plan was explained and enacted.
However during the process the matter became confused and Van Demon began to swing wildly.
In the few moments the situation took to resolve Kazathael was struck multiple times and died.
It also appears that Van Demon struck others that were a considerable distance from Kazathael during the same event.

I can appreciate the confusion that can arise in sand storms, and similar, but to begin to flail wildly when you know others you travel with are near is reckless and foolhardy at best.

If others had been forthcoming with evidence I may of been able to obtain more clarity on the situation, but based on what I have I find that Van Demon is guilty of the murder of Kazathael. While not intentional Van Demon did not mitigate his actions to consider those around him. As such he is sentence to death, and I will arrange for him to be restored to life directly afterwards.

This ruling has been ratified by the Covenant.

I would advise that other mercenaries consider their actins when less able to see, be it a mist spell, a blindness spell, or simply it is dark.

Tarquin Stoneheart
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