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Greetings all

I am looking for a bit of help writing out some scriptures, I am after more common miracles and a bit more rarer ones.

I am happy to make a list but wish not to seem needy.

Darius Ravenholdt
I can help , let me know what you need and I will make when available

Kurten Dtreal
Earl of the Dragon Isles
Many thanks, the scrolls I am looking for are below:

Temp Curse/Bless
Animate Zombie
Control Zombie/Skeleton
Cause Wound / Serious Wound
Dismiss Ghoul

Repel Life/Undead
Halt Undead
Pure Force

They are the main ones

Where are you on the list?
I need to check as I had a lot of help and been writing some myself.

Give me a couple of days and I will update my very very long list.

Many thanks for everyone that has helped me so far.

Sorry for posting this as I have been busy sorting out Cloudway.

The scrolls I putting together are below:

Cause Wound
Animate Skeleton
Total Heal
Restore Life
Halt Undead (any neutral spirit one not goodly)
Detect Spirits
Empower Spirit
Cure Insanity
Warming Touch
Ward against the Dead
Spirit Dart
Repel Life
Cure Poison
Remove Rune Of Power
Runed Ally
Spiritual Aegis
Cloak Of Fear

This is not total list, I know this it is long but I'm thinking end game.

To point out I am writing myself and placing extra scrolls into the Church Stores.

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