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Full Version: Fate Guild Special - Saturday 12th January 2019
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There is a Fate Guild special booked for Saturday 12th January 2019.

This is open to any and all members of Fate willing to follow the guild restrictions regardless of your particular moral approach to support of the Empire.

Fate is an organisation of Imperial loyalists who stand ready to protect the realm at any cost. It's members do not seek power, recognition, or glory, but only to ensure the safety of the Empire. So, if you are looking to start a character to support the Empire that is willing to get the job done by whatever, sanctioned means, are necessary then we want you!

We have our ref lined up but are also looking for some crew, perfect if you have something against the Empire! wink.gif So if you are available, please sign up!




Booked on - should be able to make it but waiting for my works shifts to be published.

I'll be playing Gwyn - straight 8th Alfar white mage.

I was introduced into the benefits of the guild this weekend.
It was a busy day so some things have now slipped my mind.

Is it appropriate to ask a few questions - here or by private message?

Either is fine, smile.gif

The stickied posts have the guild benefits and the guild items we currently hold. The information here is basically what you will find in the Alamanac.

The basic tier benefits are available from 1st level onwards and you get access to the intermediate tier once you have reached table 3 (250pts).

On Sunday, as we had 4 members on the dungeon, we were also able to use the guild items.

Anything else you need to know just ask!

Thank you!

So I’ll be basic tier - does that mean I get all items to use from that list each dungeon? Scrolls, an apprentice crafted item and a spell or miracle.

And then if there’s at least 4 members you can also get the guild items in pinned post that are talisman, ring and belt.
Thats right, you will have access the the basic, and soon the intermediate tier items.

The guild items wouldn't necessarily always be available, as it it would need to be OK'd by the Guild Master.

OOC I've been doing a little bit to organise some bits and pieces so have taken that roll to some degree, but the current IC Guildmaster is a Dwarven Warrior Priest called Blackmoor. Although due to some RL stuff he hasn't been able to get down for a while so as a guild we may look to temporarily put a stand-in in place, I'll post something up whe nwe know more.

There is a guild box behind the desk that is for the use of guild members, its only recently been there, so it has limited resources so far, but we are starting to get it stocked with some healing potions for use by our members.

As a general note, you can battle board a professional, a political and a social guild and be entitled to take the relevant benefits from each. You can join multiples of each but only ever battleboard 1 of each on each adventure, but bear in mind you are bound by the restrictions of all guilds you are a member of, regardless of whether you battleboard them.

Thank you. So I don’t need to go looking for spells or miracles or scrolls. I just speak to the desk and see what’s available - or do I need Guild permission prior to the adventure?
Most guilds are there to provide benefits and support their members as much as possible, Fate is still quite new and the guild special in January is the first dedicated Fate one that we will have run.

So at the moment there is just some potions in there, hopefully over the next few weeks that will build up but we will rely on donations, grulls or potions scrolls etc. from the members, obviously with the understanding that the more junior members have less resources to donate.

Each time you are at the caves you can make items, scrolls, potions etc. with all of your characters, regardless of whether you are playing them that day or not. The guild box has some grulls in for use by members to cover the expense of making things for the box.

So if, for example, you had a character that could make poisons, you could use the money to make some batches, and put a few of what you make into the box for use by other members. And, if that character couldn't yet make healing potions, you could take a a few doses of healing potion, anything you dont use, can go back in the box at the end of the day.

Just bear in mind it there for all members, and it's still early days, so not alot of 'stock' yet!


Understood. In that case I’ll work out what I can donate and do my best to attend in January.
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