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Full Version: Artanor Guild Special
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So, I see we've lost a top tier, anyone interested in some Guild Specials to keep the guild going and restore it's lost tier?

Happy to offer support to characters that want to go ahead and help Sellaville as Amorphus, just a guild I can't be in personally but the goal I can get behind.
I’d be interested, I’d need an adviser slot tho I suspect as either option

QUOTE(duncanmatthias @ Sep 25 2018, 02:12 PM) *
I’d be interested, I’d need an adviser slot tho I suspect as either option


Keen as Andric.

Any level over 1500 is fine for me.

Gentlemen, ladies and all inbetween!

Apologies for the slow response! I know there are a few who are way much up for comin down and getting back into the swing o things.

If your interested still, let me know as ill be doing my best as the charismatic dashing rogue that i am, to convince who i can of the Artnor lot to move their asses.

That an i need to convince the boss, probs should tell 'er that work is afoot, just incase anyone doesnt come back.

Will keep you posted as an when i can get a crew together

Will probaby be a low level adventure, seein as most of us aint the titanic giants we know most of the Empire has runnin around

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