Guild Sire: Blackmoor


The Fate is an ancient organisation, dedicated to the safety and future of the Empire.

It's longevity and resilience is largely due to its decentralized, grassroots, secretive nature, and the near-autonomy of it's members who a drawn from all walks of life and are united by an indomitable belief in the Empire, it's ruler, and the throne.

They are loyalist, stalwarts, and patriots who stand ready to protect the realm at any cost. The Fate has cells and lone operatives throughout the Empire. Their ideology is noble, and it's members pride themselves on their integrity. The Fate does not seek power, recognition or glory, only to safeguard the Empire. It's members are well trained and equipped and can prove their legitimacy by the use of passwords and identification signals. The Fate are trained to act alone and depend on their own resources and are expected to help one another in times of need. It's members are expected to be vigilant and investigate suspicious behaviour and dissident activities. They will undertake dangerous and occasionally unsavoury missions to safeguard the Empire


May not willingly attack another member. If becomes outlawed or ostracized cannot claim guild benefits until removed. Yeoman may join freely but gain no benefits.

Basic Tier
  • Your standard operating package agent ~ Guild member is well equipped with 10 power of standard scrolls (magical or spiritual). If multiple guild members are on dungeon they can choose to pool these before working out what to take.
  • I think you might like this gadget I've been working on - Members can choose one of:
  • Apprentice Crafted Weapon
  • Apprentice Crafted Armour
  • Apprentice Crafted Shield
  • A once ever item of a standard spell, or miracle, upto 5th level. Requires the relevant utilise skill.
Intermediate Tier
  • Discern Imperial Operative - After 30 secs talking to an individual, dropping in appropriate code words etc. they can tell if they are a legitimate Imperial Agent (Legion Member, Scribe, or any other Imperial position). This is a physical information effect, but individuals can choose not to apply their immunities.
  • Members can now choose a second gadget from the basic list.
  • Safe House - Providing the member is within a reasonable sized settlement in the Empire, or a city elsewhere on primus, can flee the dungeon as per local lad. Once used cannot return to the dungeon but gains the benefits of the CC Haven.
  • Mission Brief - Gains a pre-dungeon major prayer about events in the area of the brief if on Primus. How much is gained, and what, is entirely at refs discretion.
Advanced Tier
  • Members gain all three gadgets (shield, weapon, armour) from basic list, or may choose to take a single master status object from the list.
  • Gains a second item (as basic tier) or can choose an item of any standard miracle.
  • Gains 1000 grulls of published potions (NOT Wondrous Elixirs) must be chosen at the start of the dungeon. If multiple guild members are on the dungeon can pool the grulls and then split them.
  • On my own! If no other member of Fate are on dungeon then if killed and left behind a rescue team is sent to extract the body and return it to life. This acts as a Word of Recall, but only after time out and they are restored to life (by either a Restore Life, Animate Life, or Breath of Life) as an off dungeon res.