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Full Version: Monsters and Players for Saturday 23rd
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This Saturday I'm reffing a Knights-themed adventure. I will have a written dungeon shortly and just need some monsters and an A-ref to bring it to life, and ideally some more players.

It's max 6k, but written to the party so if you're half the points it won't be an issue. Less than that it's still probably not an issue but let me know. If five 6k battlemasters and a healer book on on Friday night I'd like to know. I promise it will be interesting, fun and challenging.

If you can monster, please drop me a pm so I can get the dungeon to you in advance. It always helps to know what's going on and how to exploit your stats. If you want to play, it would be helpful if you could let me know what you're playing.

I hope there's people out there who can help me make this happen.


I am confident this will be a great event to be involved in either side and would thoroughly recommend that you are not put off by the potential threshold value.

Stuart kindly agreed to ref some dungeons for the KotL at this level to compliment the higher level Sonof creations and the lower threshold ones to come from Stacey & Ed it would be a real shame if people didn't take advantage of the huge amount of thought and effort I am certain that sits behind these events.

I very much want to be a part of them and had hoped to support Stuart's efforts by crewing or potentially playing if crewing. However I have an extended length to continue writing and need to catch up on after stepping in to ref the Tribals.

So take advantage of me not being around, book on and have a great day!

Huge thanks to the crew who have booked on. There's now me, an A-ref and two monsters to entertain a (currently) 5-man party.

If the players could let me know what they're playing ASAP, that would give me time to tweak things to avoid the awkward encounter where everyone dies or word of recalls!


Looking to play Da, my Duidoin Paladin 3.1k

Love to see some other Knights on this
Playing Tristan.

Just under 6k Warrior.
Playing Xeno on this (See below)
Cragley - White/Brown Wizard 3.5k

Looking forward to it.

Whilst I am pleased Stuart has his team the other dungeon still needs Any one to help Will out please?
Awesome, thank you all. So a paladin, warrior/wizard, warrior and a wizard. What could possibly go wrong!

I will probably play, Darren just under 3k of scout
QUOTE(draco @ Jun 19 2018, 03:25 PM) *
I will probably play, Darren just under 3k of scout

If you haven't already book on!

Hello Stuart, I have booked on as Erik my healing priest.

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