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Full Version: Daimyo of the Snake Clan.
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To all who reside in the Snake Clan lands.

Let it formally be know that I, Lord Chu have officially succeeded Lord Zu as Daimyo of the Snake Clan.

There has been much talk concerning the actions of Yasuki and Lord Zu Wang Seung-Jean over the last few months. It is my wish that the following account be public knowledge.

Yasuki turned his back on his Clan and his Family and made an attempt on the life of the Emperor. This dishonourable act cost him his life and his place in the halls of our history. Any good acts he performed in life have been expunged by this ultimate betrayal of all we hold dear.
During this attempt to Assassinate the Emperor Lord Zu stood in defiance of his old friend, protecting the Emperor and ultimately our clan. His honour is boundless but, as our laws state, he had to commit seppuku to expunge the dishonour on his soul of betraying a friend.
His name and actions will live long into the annals of the Snake Clan if the fates decree he is never to join us again after his turn on the wheel.

At the current time my leadership of this Clan come with no change to our laws and customs save that our borders are once again to be opened to the other honourable clans in Amlas and trade to once again resume between us.

May the Emperors wisdom protect you.

Lord Chu.
I hereby state that Masayoshi Chu has the authority and power to speak in my stead for all matters of Clan politics.

Lord Chu.
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