The exhausted Kensai General stepped back from the twisted form of a ram-faced Oni, turning sharply at the sound of troops approaching from behind, he saw a large host of stern faced warriors marching towards the wall from the great approach road across the Snake Fields. His heart skipped a beat until he saw the ornate banners of the Lion Clan.

The formation ceased their step in unison, all except one tall Lion warrior who continued her step up to him. She handed him a letter, bowing low. “Lord Tao Chai Talibah and Masayoshi wishes you to read this; the Lion have come to assist the Snake in this time of increased Oni activity. My warriors are yours to command. Place us where best you need us, and we will serve”.

The General quickly read the letter and returned her bow. “It is a great honour to receive you. Please divide your people along this section of the wall, this is where the attacks come strongest and General, you are MOST welcome here!”

The Lion Clan warriors reacted instantly to Masaru Kinimatu's command and seamlessly joined the Snake clan ranks as another huge wave of snarling Oni smashed against the wall…